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 Bathroom Trends of 2022

Bathroom Trends of 2022

Oftentimes, bathrooms get overlooked or are deemed less important than the other rooms. After all, they are just private spaces for our use. It is believed that the importance lies mainly in its utilities rather than aesthetics, but what if we say there can be a balance? 

Think about it, why is it that when we step foot into a hotel bathroom, we feel calmed and relaxed as opposed to a portable one on the street? The interior plays a huge role in elevating your bathroom experience, allowing bathroom designers a whole lot more room to have fun when it comes to designing your ideal space. Apart from your bedroom, this is probably the second most visited place in your entire home. Hence, let us share with you the top 5 latest bathroom trends for 2022 to help you get started!

What is trending for bathrooms 2022?

  1. Minimalism
    Minimalism can be seen and expressed differently to each of us but generally, it simply means a clean, simple yet sleek outlook. It is highly in trend as of now and will continue to be so in the coming seasons. Consider having matching or complimenting hues to your interiors and furniture while opting for mattes and chrome fixtures or hardware. 
  1. Sustainability
    In recent years, practising sustainability has been a conscious decision for most people. This includes choosing recyclable and reusable materials for bathroom interiors such as natural stone countertops or sustainable flooring that can be up-cycled for other future uses. 
  1. Wood-Inspired Flooring
    Speaking of flooring, wood-inspired flooring has also started to trend recently in bathroom spaces. They are often versatile with many colours and textures to choose from. This flooring option could compliment nearly any vanity design and alter the entire atmosphere of your bathroom. 
  1. New Technology
    It is no surprise that technology has made itself a necessity in our daily lives. From listening to our favourite hits in the shower to having to watch your favourite television shows while getting ready for the day, bathroom moments have never been more entertaining. In terms of utilities, products such as interactive LED mirrors and smart showers are going to be game-changers in your home. Fair warning, remember to get waterproof products!
  1. Metallic Hardware
    Last but not least, metallic hardware or finishes. Metallic hardware such as gold or silver not only exudes luxury and elegance but adds a nice contrast to your matte and natural finishes. These sleek finishes once done tastefully on handles, drawer pulls or even tapware create a whole new dimension whenever you step foot into your bathroom. 

Now that you know the top 5 bathroom trends of 2022, let’s get to the specific ones. We’re talking colour, wall coverings, vanity designs, and accessories. You name them, we’ve got you covered! 

What are the bathroom colours for 2022?

Apart from the classic and luxurious shades of black and white, warm earth tones, grey tones, and soft blues are beginning to take over bathrooms in 2022. With earth tones, they bring about a natural, relaxing feel over your space which explains why spas usually use warm earthly tones. 

For minimalism lovers, grey tones are the way to go. It is a versatile colour that compliments all interiors. One of the best grey bathroom ideas would be to have them accompanied by a bolder colour such as black. You can never go wrong with dark bathroom designs as they can help hide any unexpected imperfections.

Calming hues of blue and green will undeniably make your space a whole lot more welcoming after a long day or a start to a new one. 

What is trending for bathroom walls?

 As for bathroom walls, you might want to consider waterproof wallpaper or tiles. Calming wallpaper can change the entire ambience. The best part about these wallpapers is that it can be installed anywhere in the bathroom. Yes, even in your shower! With their modern adhesive compounds, it protects the wallpaper from direct contact with water. 

Tiles, on the other hand, never go out of style. Its timeless design and endless variations to choose from can change your old bathrooms into new bathrooms!

What is trending for vanity designs?

 A modern bathroom vanity would typically go for a more contemporary look and feel but vintage styles and wood accents are making a quick comeback! Vintage vanity furniture adds an unexpected twist and character to your space. Additionally, they are great conversation starter pieces! With wood accents, you can never go wrong with earth tones paired with its texture. This too helps add character to your vanity.

What is trending for accessories?

With any space comes accessories. These are the little to not so little ingredients into spicing up your bathroom space that you should pay close attention to. Ranging from your timeless, vintage trinkets to modern tech innovations, most accessories now are not only decorative but functional as well. One of the current trending accessories would be LED mirrors. Pair this together with a sleek grey tone vanity for an edgier and sophisticated look.

Where can you get your renovation needs?

Whether or not you are looking to renovate or refresh your bathroom space for the year, we hope these trends can spark new bathroom ideas in planning. You can either transform your space entirely into a calming and relaxing space to unwind at the end of the day through a simple change in colours and finishes or up your home value by turning your bathroom into a smart one. At VBathroom, we offer a wide range of bathroom, laundry, and kitchen products and furniture sourced from some of the world’s most trusted manufacturers and suppliers. Together with our friendly team, we will be able to provide you with your next best bathroom layout plan with new toilet designs ideas. Contact us today at or drop by our showroom for some inspiring and bold living ideas.