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 5 Popular bathroom designs and the tapware that pairs with them for your next renovation

5 Popular bathroom designs and the tapware that pairs with them for your next renovation

Renovations can be difficult to plan and design because of the sheer amount of options you have available. This is accentuated in the bathroom with the massive amount of taps, tapwares and bathroom accessories on the market. 

Do not fear! VBathroom are experts when it comes to renovating and building your bathroom from scratch. Here are five of the most popular bathroom designs and the tapware that pairs well with them. 

5 Bathroom design ideas for your renovation 

1. Coastal Style

The coastal style bathroom uses light, bright colours and natural materials. This design typically features blues, whites and woods. This bathroom design is a very popular bathroom in Perth because of our Mediterranean, Greek-esq climate. VBathroom’s stock of vanity sets such as our Hamptons or Britney series will definitely suit this look.

Taps that pair with a coastal style bathroom

This bathroom style usually features round white tapware. Think beach houses with marine styled decor and colours. Their tapware is round and white like the hull of a ship. 

This gives a slightly more retro aesthetic to the bathroom. As such, other retro tapwares like brass tapware, gold tapware or even brushed nickel tapware are all suitable. Additionally, the timeless chrome tapware is another viable option for a coastal style bathroom.

2. Boho Style

The boho style is inspired by travel and culture. This style is rich with textures and patterns and typically has many live, hanging plants. This is a bit more of an exciting styled bathroom with many colours.

Taps that pair with a boho style bathroom

The boho style bathroom already has a lot going on because of its exciting decor. If you chose an equally exciting tapware, it may seem to clutter the space. That is why the boho style bathroom usually has minimalist tapware that comes in soft and warm brushed colours, such as brushed; gold, brass, nickel, gun metal, and white tapware. 

Matte black tapware may also work in some boho bathrooms that feature slightly darker colours. Boho bathrooms are one of the bathrooms that we would probably not recommend chrome tapware for.

3. Mid-century Modern Bathroom Style

This style, as the name suggests, is a modern take on a mid century design. This style is as retro as they come. Think of a 60s American diner with just a hint of contemporary elegance. They typically have terrazzo or penny round tiles and a wooden vanity.

Taps that pair with a mid-century modern style bathroom

This style pairs well with retro tapware. Such would include; white, porcelain, gold, bronze, galvanised iron, gun metal grey, and nickel. These taps are usually a touch smaller and have round edges. 

Matte black tapware, such as the Nero Elgin Basin Mixer, could work in the space if it was going to match other retro aspects in the bathroom, such as checked floor tiles which are typical in this style. I would not recommend chrome tapware because you really want to try and lean into the retro aspect of this design choice. 

4. Industrial Style

The industrial style space takes advantage of raw materials. It tries to imitate the warehouses and work spaces of the industrial revolution. Think red brick and exposed metals. This style is often used for apartments and units.

Taps that pair with an industrial style bathroom

As mentioned above, the industrial style uses raw materials. This gives the space a rustic “wow” factor. The most common tapware used for this are large jagged, straight edged taps, or long thin round taps, in; gold, iron, gun metal grey, nickel, and bronze.

5. Contemporary Style 

The contemporary style bathroom uses all of the current trends and materials. This trend takes advantage of white marble and grey stone with hard edges to create focal points and contrast within the bathroom.

Taps that pair with a contemporary style bathroom

In a contemporary style bathroom, typically the focal points are made in large areas like the basin, and the bathtub. The tapware used is less noticeable and sleek. Timeless chrome and matte black tapware with long straight edges are perfect for the contemporary style. A perfect tap for this style would be the Nero Bianca Basin Mixer in chrome because of its simplistic and elegant design.

Introducing Nero Tapware!

If you’re looking for tapware but don’t know what style to choose from just yet, do not worry. Choose your brand before you choose your style with Nero! 

Nero tapware comes in an extensive range of designs, colours and materials because Nero believes everyone has the right to translate their personal style into their bathroom design.

Nero tapware is an Australian brand built for the Australian conditions. Nero products are built to last. Some of their products even have a warranty of up to 15 years! 

The Nero range of products includes:

  • Single-lever mixer taps
  • Three-hole mixer taps
  • Kitchen tapware
  • Sensor taps
  • Auto-stop taps
  • Wall mixer taps 
  • Freestanding mixer taps
  • Bath sports
  • Shower heads/hand showers
  • Basins
  • Other bathroom accessories

Nero fundamentally believes that you should have the right to select any bathroom design you want. That is why they have worked very hard to have one of the most extensive ranges of products on the market!

Where To Get Your Tapware?

VBathroom has been providing solutions for bathroom tapware in Perth for over 10 years. Over this time we have worked very hard to be one of the best suppliers for tapware in Australia. We have achieved this with four pillars; Expert Advice, Easy Delivery, Value For Money, and Easy Installation. By providing this to you, VBathroom has become a respected leader in the specialty bathroom product industry. Drop-in to one of our Bentley or Malaga showrooms, or give us a call to arrange your design walkthrough experience. You will not be disappointed with your bathroom solution!

For a full renovation, our team can help you realise your dream space in less than 3 weeks thanks to over 20 years of experience – so get in contact with us today.