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 Elevate a Basic Bathroom with 20 Modern Accessory Options

Elevate a Basic Bathroom with 20 Modern Accessory Options

Using functional, comfortable and stylish modern bathroom accessories to upgrade a basic bathroom is an affordable way to increase the value of your property or update the style of the room your start and end your day in.

Do you want to turn your bathroom into the home’s best feature before putting it on the market?
Or maybe you want to create a calming, stylish and personalised space to end your day in?

No matter what your exciting bathroom goals are, this list of 20 affordable modern accessory options can help you achieve your goals by elevating your bathroom from basic to modern and stylish.

Modernising your bathroom in a simple way

It’s a well-known fact that increasing the value of your property begins with a kitchen or bathroom renovation, but even if you don’t ever intend to sell your home, investing in a budget-friendly bathroom refresh is worth the time and money.
Update your basic bathroom to reflect your current style obsessions, create a personal space that oozes inspiration and relaxation, or upgrade the functionality and comfort of the room where you start and end your day.

Every bathroom makeover begins with fun inspiration, so here are 20 modern bathroom accessories to get the ideas flowing for your Perth bathroom upgrade.

Modern Bathroom Accessories:

From chrome bathroom soap holders to brushed gold bathroom robe hooks or towel hooks, there are endless options to choose from when it comes to elevating your bathroom with modern bathroom accessories in Perth. Even your basic toilet brush holder can be upgraded to include a high-end design that suits the rest of your modern bathroom.

Whether your budget allows two new items or ten, any bathroom accessory on this list can help upgrade your bathroom from basic to stylish. Available in various sizes, materials and trendy colours, including matt black, chrome, brushed nickel, brushed gold, gunmetal grey, these modern bathroom accessories allow you to create that specific vibe you are dreaming of.

Here are 20 affordable bathroom accessories Perth homeowners are loving right now.

1. Heated Towel Rail YZ-008
2. Vibe Robe Hooks
3. Nero Dolce Robe Hook
4. Nero Vitra Soap Dish Holder
5. Sandon Tumbler Holder
6. Nero Bianca Hand Towel Rail
7. Nero Opal Hand Towel Ring
8. Nero Bianca Toilet Roll Holder with Phone Holder
9. Nero Bianca toilet brush holder

Modern Bathroom Mirrors

Mirrors help bring more light and openness into any bathroom, but they also bring a modern style thanks to the diverse range of mirror shapes, sizes, frames and shelving.

Create a calming, soft and sweet bathroom with a round gold framed bathroom wall mirror on a pink tiled feature wall above a floating oak vanity. Or upgrade your ordinary mirror into an led mirror if you are after an edgy but sophisticated bathroom upgrade.

“Medicine cabinet” bathroom mirrors in Perth now come in an upgraded design with modern shelving, and matt white, oak, or walnut frames that make this bathroom wall mirror a must-have in every Perth bathroom in 2021.

10. Led Mirror – Round
11. Led Mirror – Square
12. Britney 900 Mirror Cabinet Oak
13. Hampton 1500 Mirror Cabinet in Matt White
14. Round Pencil Edge Mirror with Black Frame
15. Whitney 1200 Mirror Cabinet in Vintage Oak
16. Oval Pencil Edge Bathroom Mirror

Modern Bathroom Shower Accessories

A bathroom shower shelf or tile insert floor grate may not be the most popular bathroom accessory. Still, with a sleek modern design upgrade, these underestimated bathroom features can create a statement look in any shower.

Bathroom shower shelf

If you bought or built a home before the shower niche craze began, a metal or glass bathroom shower shelf can ensure your bathroom still achieves an

affordable modern feel without having to knock out a hole in the wall to create a new shower niche. Modern bathroom shower shelves add sleek lines and stylish organisation, helping elevate any dull bathroom into a high-end room you never want to leave. Have fun personalising your shower with the right shower shelf that matches your new bathroom style with a wide range of sizes, materials and colours to choose from, including matt black, chrome, brushed nickel, brushed gold, gunmetal grey, or brushed bronze.

17. Nero Mecca Metal Shelf
18. Star Corner Glass Shelf

Tile insert floor grate

The subtle yet effective use of a tile insert floor grate can elevate a bathroom both visually and aesthetically. If you want to elevate your bathroom with modern design features, upgrade your ordinary shower drain with a tile insert floor grate. With many different shapes to choose from, including square and channel, it is easy to find the perfect shower grate to suit the style of your new bathroom. Being a cost-effective installation and easy to clean, it’s not surprising that Perth homeowners are loving this modern bathroom accessory.

19. Tile Insert Floor Grate – Square
20. Tile Insert Floor Grate – Channel

Ready to begin your exciting bathroom makeover?

Whether your current bathroom goals involve increasing your property’s value or creating a stylish personalised space for your morning and night routine, utilising modern bathroom accessories are a simple and affordable way of elevating any basic bathroom.

Create a relaxing and inspiring space that makes you feel like you are on a luxurious holiday by upgrading your basic wall mirror into an led bathroom mirror or your hand towel rail into a heated towel rail.
Or turn your basic bathroom into the must-have feature of your home and watch it get snatched up quickly from the competitive Perth property market with the elegant addition of a bathroom shower shelf, or bathroom soap holder.

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View our beautiful range of bathroom mirrors online, or visit our showrooms for expert bathroom design advice and inspiration.

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