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Nero Tapware & Bathroom Accessories

Nero tapware will suit whatever your bathroom style may be because of their extensive range of materials, designs and colours.


Are you looking for new tapware or accessories for your bathroom? No matter the style choice you are looking for, Nero will be able to satisfy it. Their extensive range of colour, materials and designs will help you find a one-stop-shop solution to your bathroom tapware needs.

Nero is an Australian brand which means their products are built to an Australian standard, so you can rest assured you’re getting the best quality.


Some of the Nero tapware colours/materials include:

  • Chrome tapware
  • Matte black tapware
  • Gun metal grey tapware
  • Brushed nickel tapware
  • Brushed gold tapware
  • White tapware
  • Chrome white tapware
  • Timber finish tapware
  • Galvanised iron tapware
  • Brushed bronze tapware
  • Brass tapware 
  • Graphite tapware

What is nero?

Nero tapware is a high-quality Australian bathroom accessory brand that you can rely on to fulfil your next bathroom build or renovation. This is because Nero taps come in some of the most diverse designs, colours and materials on the market. No matter the style choice, you will be able to find a Nero tap you are happy with.

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What kind of tapware does Nero make?

Nero’s fundamental belief is being able to provide you with bathroom tapware and accessories to suit any style you might choose. As such, Nero has:

Single leverVB

Single-lever mixer taps

Single-lever mixer taps are great taps for control and contemporary styles. They are easy to maneuver so are great with children and the elderly. The sleek design of single-lever mixers also makes them great for contemporary minimalist bathrooms.

3 holeVB

Three-hole mixer taps

Three-hole mixer taps are better suited to retro styled homes. They feature a spout and two control handles. Retro materials like brass, nickel or gun metal are great options for three-hole mixer taps.


Sensor taps

Sensor taps are largely used for hospitality and public settings. This is because in high traffic areas, people don’t want to touch things like taps and door handles. These taps also save water by automatically turning off.


Auto-stop taps

Auto-stop taps are also largely used in public areas because they are excellent for saving water since they turn off automatically.

Wall mountedVB

Wall mixer taps

Wall mixer taps are like single-lever mixers, but instead of having the controlling lever on the spout, it is on the wall, which may save space on that basin.

Other accessoriesVB

Other bathroom accessories

Nero also has a range of other bathroom accessories and tapware. From shower heads and freestanding bathtub taps to shower rails, Nero accessories will kit out your bathroom space!

All of these products come in a wide range of materials and colours because Nero believes you have the right to a product that will suit your personalised bathroom style.

Where can you purchase Nero Tapware?

VBathroom is one of the most trusted Nero tapware stockists and suppliers of any bathroom tapware in Perth. Even for kitchen tapware. VBathroom has built a reputation over more than 10 years as an industry leader in specialty bathroom products because of four reasons:


Expert Advice

At VBathroom, we can book you in for one of our discovery sessions. This will put you through an intimate showroom walkthrough with one of our experts on how to design and style your bathroom.

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VBathroom makes delivery easy for the Perth Metro area. For delivery beyond the Perth Metro, we can organise for you to pick-up from either our Malaga or Bentley warehouse. We can even organise a drop-off to a courier of your choice!


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value for money

VBathroom offers package deals for when you buy additional bathroom products with us. We understand if you’re building or renovating a bathroom, you probably need more than one product. Why not get it all with us?

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easy installation

VBathroom will put you in touch with all the best local plumbers and home renovators so your installations are as easy as possible. We are determined to provide you with exceptional products and solutions to suit your schedule.


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Where is Nero Tapware made?

Nero is one of the best brands for tapware in Australia. Nero products are made to Australian standards and conditions. The water composition in Australia is what Nero taps are made for. While used in Australia, Nero has an extended warranty because we are confident that they last. 

Nero Tapware Warranty

For some Nero products, their warranty is extended for up to 15 years. Nero is confident that their products will last because they specifically designed it to be used in Australian conditions.

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