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 Choosing the Best Tapware for Your Vanity 

Choosing the Best Tapware for Your Vanity 

Your bathroom tapware may seem like a small decision to make, or even overlooked when it comes to your bathroom renovations. But trust us when we say it is one of the most important key factors in tying your entire bathroom space together. Like most bathrooms, you will have to consider bath tapware, shower tapware, and basin tapware. It is best if they all match one another and your vanity to create a cohesive look and feel of the entire space. If you’re wondering how do I choose bathroom tapware? keep reading to find out how you can get the best bathroom tapware to match your vanity.  

What are the different types of tapware? 

Before we begin to mix and match your vanity to your tapware, let us run through the different types of tapware. 

Wall Mounted Taps 

As the name implies, wall-mounted taps are simply taps mounted onto walls protruding out from either a bath or basin or both! With these taps, repairs can get messy and costly due to their pipes being hidden. 

Brass Tapware 

Although recent trends have been pointing towards matte and chrome tapware finishes, brass tapware is a timeless classic that goes against the status quo. They are often seen in traditional or heritage-style homes. Its elegant look will be sure to stand out in your bathroom. However, they are costlier and can lose their luster over time. Therefore, you will need to choose the best quality to ensure longevity. 

Monobloc Taps

These are taps that have a single spout for both hot and cold water. You can often find them in hotel bathrooms with an adjustable lever to operate. This lever then allows you to adjust the water temperature to your liking, making this a wonderful option for the kitchen or bathrooms at home. 

Bath and Shower Mixer Taps

Similar to the monobloc taps, bath and shower mixer taps have both the option of hot and cold water through a single spout but also provide an additional shower head option. It is extremely convenient as you can run both taps simultaneously while having complete control and precision over the temperature of the water. 

Deck Mounted Taps

These are your standard, run-off-the-mill taps you would usually see almost everywhere. They are directly mounted on basins or baths through the drilled holes made on the surfaces. 

With these in mind, you might also want to check out the tapware trends of 2022 here to elevate your bathroom further.

What type of vanity do you have?

Pedestal Sink 

In a nutshell, these are your usual standing sinks that do not provide any storage features. To some, this can be seen as an inconvenience and rather troublesome to a certain extent but to others, it can be seen as a visually appealing feature of a bathroom. Depending on its workmanship, it is an interesting design piece to have. 


Also known as floor-mounted vanities, a freestanding vanity is placed onto the ground without any added wall support. Often seen as traditional, freestanding vanities actually come in a variety of prefabricated designs and colour options to choose from. A perfect option for DIYers and homeowners alike. 


Here on the other hand is the complete opposite of a freestanding vanity. As its name says, this vanity ‘floats’ by being anchored onto the wall. This has become a preferred option by many homeowners for its clean and modern look. It is an ideal option for bathrooms with tight spaces and households with children and elderly members. Additionally, it adds dimension to your space. 

Vessel Sink

Rather than the under-mount or drop-in sinks you would typically find in older homes, vessel sinks are basins that would sit on top of bathroom vanity. This modern and contemporary option is easy to install with the advantage of more storage space down below. 

Round Bathroom Vanity

These are much smaller but it might be the only way for some individuals to have access to a vanity. Its round build allows it to be more compact, making it a good choice for smaller bathrooms. 

Which tapware matches your vanity?

Now comes the fun part: choosing the right tapware to match your vanity! Bathroom taps are used every day, you would want to invest in ones that are highly durable yet decorative for the long run.


For modern bathroom designs, you might want to opt for a sleek and clean finish. Chrome or stainless steel are some great options if you wish to add a slight shine to your space.


This is one of the most popular bathroom styles in Australia today. It is a good mix of the old and new which gives you more room to experiment with your bathroom space. A matte finish tapware would be good here but they do leave fingerprint marks. That may be a factor to consider for some.


For traditional homes, it is best to go classic to match the overall feel. To elevate your space further, try adding gold finish tapware. It makes a major statement with its shiny finish that also adds a luxurious feel overall.


Rustic-style bathrooms usually feature natural elements such as earth-tone colours, wood accents, and warm-coloured fixtures. To compliment this warm outlook, brass tapware would add a nice organic touch to your bathroom

You should also take into account other important considerations and factors that will affect your decision:

– Budget

– Comfort or aesthetics?

– Tapware type

– Consider your water pressure  

– Quality 

– Style

It is important to do your own side research on the best tapware brands in Australia and create a mood board to help illustrate the look you may be going for.

Do bath and basin taps have to match? 

Yes and no. To put it simply, you cannot go wrong if your bath and basin taps match. However, choosing the wrong taps in terms of functionality can go wrong in many ways.

Ultimately, you do not have to match the taps. It is highly recommended to maintain the same colour for a cohesive look. Be it mismatched bath taps and bathroom sink taps or matching ones, you have the liberty of transforming your bathroom into your ideal space. If you are still feeling overwhelmed and have several questions, do reach out to us at, or better yet, drop by our showroom! Together with the friendly team at VBathroom, we will be able to help consult you on your tapware needs.