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Shower & Bath Screen

No bathroom renovation is complete without a crystal clear glass shower screen that exudes luxury. Open up the space and embrace the lavish life with a complementing shower screen from V Bathroom.
We supply a wide a range of elegant, yet affordable shower screens made from highly durable toughened safety glass including, frameless, semi-frameless and curved, with magnetic seals and handrails for accessibility.

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No bathroom renovation is complete without a crystal clear glass shower screen that opens up the space for a better showering experience. 

We supply a wide range of elegant, yet affordable shower screens made from highly durable toughened safety glass. Choose from frameless, semi-frameless, folding, and curved, with magnetic seals and handrails for great accessibility. 

Shop online or visit our bathroom showroom to see the range in person.

How to choose your shower screen 

Replacing your existing shower screen will depend on a number of factors, including the size and shape of your bathroom, your shower experience, cleaning and maintenance, and of course how it looks. 

Not only do we supply and do shower screen installations, we’ll also make sure you get the right one for your bathroom.  Here’s what to consider when choosing a shower screen:


There are many different styles of shower screens available, including the most popular frameless shower screen. Not to mention, semi-framed, framed pivot, curved, folding doors, and much more. The style you choose all comes down to personal preference and showering experience — providing size and space permits.

Size and space

One of the largest factors that will have a big impact on the screen you choose is the total amount of space around the shower. Smaller size bathrooms may not permit the use of a pivot door shower screen and are more suited with a sliding shower door.

Bigger also doesn’t equal better. Larger shower screens can reduce the shower enclosure and result in poor showering experiences. This is not what you want from a place of relaxation! We supply and install a wide range of frameless screens, framed pivot doors, and more in various sizes suitable for all bathroom shapes and sizes.

Finding out how much space is available around the shower before choosing a shower screen will save you a lot of time and hassle.


All our screens are made from 6mm toughened safety glass which meets Australian Safety Standard AS/NZ2208. This means your screen will not crack or break, even if considerable force is applied. Making your bathroom a safer place for you and your family to enjoy.

Shower screen seal

Leaks can occur as the result of improper tiling, low-quality shower seals, poor installation or faulty design. Water leakage can be damaging both immediately as a slip hazard, and long term in the form of mould and discoloration. To help minimise water splash and leakage around glass panels, we offer superior quality magnetic shower seals.

Whatever the size and shape of your bathroom, we have the solution suited to your needs and budget. Some of our popular styles of shower screens include:

Types of shower screens

Framed shower screens

Fully framed shower screens are a popular choice for homes with busy family bathrooms. They provide a full shower enclosure area made from toughened glass and secured to an aluminium frame with shower screen hinges. Available in a range of configurations including semi-frameless, framed shower screens offer an attractive and simplistic style perfect for bathrooms of all sizes.

View our range of high-quality framed shower screens in Perth at our bathroom showrooms or take a look at our Brighton fully framed/semi-framed shower screens online.

Frameless shower screens

Frameless shower screens are sleek and minimalist in design and complement modern and contemporary style bathrooms. Frameless screens feature a simple glass panel supported with a minimal framework to provide a luxurious look and feel. 

Frameless shower screens are a great option for those who want all the benefits of an attractive and stylish shower screen but are limited by space. Additional configurations can include pivot doors, fixed panels and sliding shower screens.

If you have a smaller size bathroom and looking for a high-quality frameless shower screen in Perth, check out our Cannes shower screen.

Semi-frameless shower screens

Semi-frameless shower screens are essentially framed shower screens, but with a more subtle frame. They provide a sleek and sophisticated look, similar to the likes of a frameless screen while offering the strengths of a framed shower screen.

Sliding door shower screens

For smaller size bathrooms, sliding door shower screens are an ideal choice. While offering up the shower experience of a fully enclosed shower, sliding doors mean they do not require space to open inwards or outwards. For this reason, sliding door shower screens are a very practical choice for bathrooms limited by space. Additional configurations include 3 door sliding shower screens, semi-frameless, stylish chrome handles.

For sliding door shower screens in Perth, check out the semi-frameless Aspen shower screen with a sliding door. 

Pivot door shower screens

Pivot door shower screens are one of the more popular choices that complement modern bathroom designs. Pivot door shower screens provide superior quality toughened safety glass and are super easy to clean and maintain. Due to the door opening inwards or outwards, they are generally more suited to larger size bathrooms.

For pivot door shower screens in Perth, consider our stylish Brighton semi-frameless pivot door shower screen.

Fixed panel shower screens

Becoming increasingly popular with minimalistic and modern bathroom designs are fixed panel shower screens. Consisting of only a single frameless glass panel, they help open up the space with a drying area, while adding a touch of luxury. Generally more suited to larger size bathrooms, fixed panel shower screens can turn your shower area into a standout feature.

View our stylish Cannes Black Frameless Shower Screen

Curved shower screens

Also known as quadrant shower screens, curved shower screens are designed to fit snug in the corner of your bathroom. They are generally configured with sliding doors and are an ideal choice for smaller size bathrooms. 

Check out our Torquay Curved shower screen

Matching Elements

Shower head and arm

Without a shower head and arm, there would be no shower! Complete the look of your bathroom with a matching shower head and arm. Or, consider a 2 in 1 shower rail. The 2 in 1 shower rail provides the best of both worlds for those who dream of having a full-body shower experience with the option to switch to handheld mode. 

Available in rectangular, square and circle designs in chrome, matt black and more, you’ll find everything you need for your bathroom.

Shower mixers

Easily control the flow and temperature in one single motion for a luxurious shower experience. You’ll never have to balance hot and cold from two separate taps again. 

Shower mixers help reduce water wastage and enhance the shower experience. Available in a wide range of finishes including chrome, matt black, rose gold, brushed nickel and more, get a matching shower mixer suited to your bathroom.