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 Styling Your Vanity Through Lights and Colours

Styling Your Vanity Through Lights and Colours

Let’s say you have on a wonderfully stylish outfit with all the right textures and accessories, but it cannot be fully appreciated because the lighting in your bathroom was uneven or unflattering. What good will your outfit be if you cannot even appreciate it properly? 

It goes the same for your vanity. Not only will it affect how you will look but also the overall outlook of your bathroom. We do not want that, do we? Let us take you through how to style your bathroom vanity colours and bathroom mirror lights. 

What does a vanity consist of?

Before considering the lighting or colour of your vanity, think about what your vanity consists of. Would you say you have more bathroom items laying here and there, or would you prefer a more minimalistic look with only the bare minimum placed on your vanity counter? Once you have that sorted, it is much easier to figure out which lighting and colour would be good for you. 

Generally, a vanity consists of the basin or a bathroom sink and storage either surrounding or below it. The cabinetry we often see below not only provides storage space for our belongings but also conceals the plumbing. For example, modern bathrooms often have floating vanities as they carry a clean and sleek look and feel. 

While floating vanities may be the way to go for modern homeowners, there are other vanity styles you might like: 

– Freestanding

– Pedestal Sink

– Vessel Sink 

– Round Bathroom Vanity 

What do you need to consider before deciding your colour/lighting?

Deciding on the right colour and lighting of your vanity may seem like a difficult decision but it is not as difficult as you imagine. With now a wide range of colours and styles to choose from, the only difficult decision would be to settle on just one! You may want to create a mood board of bathroom ideas trending in Australia to get a clearer picture of what you want your bathroom space to look like. 

 Additionally, there are several factors you should also consider before making the best decision towards the colour and lighting of your vanity: 

 – Style

 – Budget

 – Size 

 – Amount of light 

Should the bathroom vanity light be compared to the mirror?

There is no right or wrong when it comes to the sizing of your vanity light. However, it is suggested to either opt for the same or similar size or smaller. Ultimately, it is more important to have equal lighting being shined upon your vanity. 

What colour should vanity lights be?

Your bathroom vanity lights should be complimenting or enhance the colours of your bathroom space. Hence, white coloured lighting to replicate natural light.

What colour vanity is most popular?

The most popular colours would be white, grey and ebony. They are easy to match and go amazingly with most accessories and lighting. If you decide to consider other colours, do take your time. When it comes to deciding on the colour of your vanity, it can greatly affect the overall hues of your bathroom.

What are popular colours for bathroom vanities?

Other colours currently trending for bathroom vanities include sage green. Although it is leaning towards the paler side, it creates a timeless yet sophisticated look. A statement colour without being overbearing to your space, making this a widely chosen bathroom colour. 

If you are considering revamping your vanity, why not make this a weekend DIY project? It is highly rewarding and you have total control over the materials and colour of your vanity. 

What are the top trends you can follow?

You might be wondering, ‘how do I choose the right light for my bathroom vanity?’, Let’s take a look at some top trends that could help spark some inspiration. 

 1) Vanity makeup lights 

This is for all you beauty lovers out there. Vanity makeup lights have been taking over homes and studios alike as it provides one of the best lightings when it comes to putting on your makeup. Vanity lights for makeup can be placed differently depending on which you prefer — above or alongside a mirror. Additionally, these lights can be tweaked according to your preferred brightness and temperature. 

 2) Pendant lights 

These little droplets of light hang from the roof by a cord, chain or pole. As its name states, it is usually lit by a single bulb and enclosed by a designed case. Unlike makeup vanity lights, pendant lights are highly versatile. They can be hung over your mirror or bathtub. Additionally, they add an elegant yet contemporary touch once placed in the bathroom. 

 3) Hollywood vanity lighting 

Yes, this show-stopping, dazzling-style vanity lighting can be seen in your favourite celebrity’s trailer. It is a series of individual globes being placed in one long bracket. 

Over the years, this has been modified to fit the modern society whereby the bulbs are now replaced by a long LED strip. They are great additions to your bathroom no matter the style. Its versatility allows it to be fit either back into its bejewelled vintage days or a modern, contemporary living. 

 4) Backlit vanity mirrors 

These are mirrors with a built-in backlight. They are more futuristic-looking which may not fit into styles such as contemporary or traditional. As they are quite the focal point, it is best to keep the rest of your bathroom simple and sleek to compliment the mirror. 

 5) Sconces 

These are the traditional but still widely used bathroom lights. They are usually mounted on both sides of the mirror to illuminate equal amounts of light to your vanity. Oftentimes, these are the go-to lighting for ensuite designs. 

Where can you purchase your vanity?

Here at VBathrooms, we provide not only a friendly team to help consult your vanity lighting and colour needs but a wide range of vanities to choose from. For over 10 years, VBathroom has been providing solutions for your bathroom renovations. You can browse our vanities here or drop by our showroom for a full walkthrough experience! You could also reach us at for any enquiries.