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 Top Bathroom Tapware Trends in Perth

Top Bathroom Tapware Trends in Perth

You should not overlook the importance of selecting the right bathroom tapware when designing or renovating your bathroom. Choosing bathroom tapware may seem like an easy decision, or that it does not have a significant effect on your bathroom’s overall look and feel. 
However, new trends in tapware have shown what a difference design makes in these usual functional parts of your home. The recent trends in bathroom tapware allow you to exude luxury while still keeping this practicality in mind.

Current Bathroom Tapware Trends to Look Out For 

Bathroom renovation projects are at an all-time high, especially after the multiple country lockdowns implemented across the globe. With more time at home and unable to travel, many homeowners reconsidered their interior design and embarked on home renovation projects.

Bathroom tapware is an easy way to revamp your bathroom without having to break down any walls – or the bank. The need to preserve a space for escaping and relaxing in our bathroom sanctuaries is evident, and this translates to the various shapes and textures that we see in the latest tapware trends in Perth.

Although following the latest trend can be an exciting way to inject some life into your bathroom, you should never overlook the functionality. The latest bathroom tapware trends show that you can incorporate design while still being practical. 

Here are a few elements to consider when designing or remodelling your bathroom.

Colours and Finishes

Bathroom tapware in different colours and finishes have gained popularity. Whereas before silver or copper would be the norm, incorporating fresh hues and finishes allows homeowners and designers to create a unique space that changes the ambience of a bathroom in an instant. 

White Tapware 

A surprising new trend to look out for is the use of tapware with a white finish. This Scandinavian feel is undoubtedly for the minimalist and those who want to play around with other bold design elements in the bathroom.  

Brass, Copper and Nickel

For an old-worldly look, brass, copper, and nickel does the trick. 

Matte Black 

Or, if you want a modern feel, consider a black matte finish.

Go for Gold 

Those who want to go for an ultra-glamorous bathroom, gold  is always a showstopper. Rose gold tapware is also a trend that’s here to stay, mixing modern with classic.

Break the Rules

Or, if you really want to go all out, you will be happy to hear that uniformity in tapware is a thing of the past. Using different finishes in one bathroom can add to the allure. For example, merging brushed copper or nickel that adds a craftsman-type feel with familiar chrome creates a fresh yet balanced look and feel.

Shapes and Styles

Playing with design all but stops with bathroom tapware finishes, and considering different shapes adds stylistic value. 

Soft Around The Edges 

Previously, geometric forms were custom, but the new rounded look provides a softer – dare we say – edge to tapware. The simple curves enhance the spa-like sanctuary feel in a bathroom. Our Nero Kara set is a great example.  

Bold and Bulky 

Some designers promote the idea of bulkier tapware for a bold look when you are working with an understated less-is-more look in the rest of your bathroom.

Bathroom Mixer Versus Standard Taps

In terms of style, there are also other elements to consider. For example, do you prefer to have a single basin mixer or consider the old-school look of having two separate taps? While the more classic look of having two fixtures is currently on-trend, many prefer the convenience and minimalistic, sleek look of mixer taps. When choosing one of the two, consider your long-term needs instead of just what’s on-trend. 

Elevate Your Tapware with a High Rise Mixer

High rise mixers are on-trend right now, with a taller look that creates spaces and looks ultra-modern.


The latest designer tapware tickles an additional sense – touch. Tapware is awakened with textured petite bumps or grains to add spice. Using different textures in one space is popular, giving you that extra touch to make your bathroom bespoke and further entice the senses.

Functionality and Placement

Ergonomics of bathroom tapware is (or should be) one of the first elements to consider. When you choose tapware, keep the user in mind and ensure that while you create your luxe feel, using the bathroom needs to be enjoyable. 

Things to keep in mind here include: 

  • Do you want a single mixer that provides you with temperature-control ease
  • Are the on-trend separate taps more child-friendly?  

Style and function overlap when you choose between where you would like the tapware mounted. Wall-mounted tapware is very stylish and hip now. In a smaller bathroom, wall-mounted tapware will allow you more space on your vanity. Playing around with ‘placement’ has become a trend on its own, with ceiling-mounted taps even making an appearance. A tip, if you are planning to renovate your space again, keep plumbing aspects in mind when deciding on the placement of your tapware.

Functionality is not only about placement but also what you need in terms of tapware. If you want to create a spa-like sanctuary, you might need to consider having both a rain shower head and a hand-held shower in your wet room. In comparison, a stand-alone tub with brushed copper hardware might serve up a traditional look and a safe space. 

However, keeping all of the above in mind, abandoning the rules is also on-trend – it’s all about creating your oasis of luxe and function.

How Do I Make My Bathroom Trendy?  

When choosing bathroom tapware, it is all about wearing your designer cap. Make sure that you create a space that draws you in to spend time there. Your bathroom can be your haven while still being functional and without spending a fortune on renovations. If you are looking to bump up the value of your home or modernise the features you already have, bathroom tapware is an excellent choice to make a marked difference at a reasonable price.

You can easily create a unique space. If you like a robust and dramatic feel, use raw materials combined with matt black tapware. To have a clinical look in your room, all-white tapware or the old-favourite chrome can still give you a crisp look at a great price. It depends on the ambience you want to create for your space. Natural elements such as stone, wood and metal are still key. With all the varying looks and features of tapware described, you are more than covered to find the perfect fit.

Design and Play Around: Bathroom Tapware Perth

Ultimately, when considering tapware, make sure you choose the trend that works for your family and emulates the mood you desire. Don’t be coy, and play around. Throw that rulebook out the window! It’s all about mixing the elements, creating your dream space, and taking your tapware along for the ride. Contact us today for all your tapware and other bathroom needs in Perth.