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 10 Storage and Organisation Ideas for Small Bathrooms

10 Storage and Organisation Ideas for Small Bathrooms

While most would think having a small bathroom translates to having lesser storage space, we think it is a great opportunity to challenge that thought by showing you how to have the best of both worlds! 

With today’s innovative storage designs and organising tips, your dream bathroom is still achievable no matter how small the space may be. 

Between choosing which cabinets would best provide optimum storage spaces to tips on organising your towels and toiletries, this article is going to enlighten you on 10 storage and organisation ideas for your small bathrooms or spark some small bathroom ideas.

How do I get more storage in my small bathroom?

Firstly, let’s identify what you are aiming to do. Do you wish to hide your toiletries or perhaps organise your towels neatly? Figuring out what your aim or priority is when it comes to a small bathroom can help determine what you need most; bathroom storage or bathroom organisation.

How do you hide toiletries in a bathroom?

There are multiple ways you can hide your toiletries. From having bathroom cupboard storage to bathroom drawers, hiding your toiletries may seem like a difficult feat for a small bathroom but not impossible. Let’s look at five small bathroom storage ideas that may inspire you to change up your bathroom space, and inspire small toilet ideas.

1) Medicine cabinet storage

Starting with the well-known medicine cabinet storage that is both a mirror and cupboard, it is the perfect balance of functionality and style. This is one of the best bathroom cupboard storage ideas many would opt for. You can keep all your necessities out of sight but have them right at hand whenever you need them.

2) Double-duty doors

When you have a small space, it is time to get creative with every surface as much as possible and that includes your door. A hanging shoe organiser or hanging pouch organiser placed at the back of your door could not only help hide your toiletries but organise them too.

3) Over the toilet storage

These are little wall cabinets, shelves or even a towel bar that stands over your toilet, a perfect addition to provide extra storage space without having too much hassle. Over toilet storages are well preferred and easily customised according to your bathroom style.

4) Mounted shelves

This can come in the form of wooden planks or baskets being mounted to the wall, creating an overall rustic and natural look and feel. The wooden plank can also be placed near the shower where it is just out of reach from moisture but close enough to place your shower necessities. An efficient shower storage solution that appeases both vanity and shower areas.

5) Floating vanities

As its name suggests, floating vanities are vanities that are mounted to the wall creating the illusion that it is floating. This instantly makes your bathroom look bigger and puts your flooring on display. With the already tight space your bathroom has, floating vanities allow you to clean and manage your space easily as well.

How can I organise my bathroom without drawers?

Bathroom organisation ideas and tips come in all types of shapes and sizes depending on your preference. This is a great way for homeowners like yourself to customise and experiment with various styles and decorations. Although bathroom drawer storage may be the first go-to when it comes to organising objects, there are other ways to  store your toiletries.

With small bathrooms, not all homeowners have the liberty of such luxury. Here are five bathroom organising ideas that may inspire you to have them or create them on your own as a fun DIY project.

1) Magnet boards

Magnet boards or magnet strips can be plastered or leaned onto any surface for little bathroom necessities. Understandably, drawers and cupboards can get messy over time. Hence, a magnet strip or board keeps your things from getting cluttered and maximises storage.

2) Over-the-tap mini shelf

This mini riser helps add some extra space to keep smaller necessities in sight such as your tweezers and razor. Additionally, they are convenient and at just the right size to be placed on a small vanity.

3) Rolling carts

A rolling cart is a great way to organise your bathroom without having to install or hang anything in your bathroom. It can be rolled in when needed and rolled out when it is not. This three-levelled cart allows you to organise

4) Repurpose furniture and items

From an unused but stable ladder to a kitchen towel holder, you can repurpose several home items in your bathroom. For example, the ladder would be leaned against the wall to be a towel rack while the kitchen towel holder can be used to store toilet rolls or even jewellery. This is a great way to challenge yourself to get creative while saving costs to purchase new furniture.

5) Adhesive hooks

This goes without saying that adding adhesive hooks on your wall or behind your bathroom door can help organise your towels and clothes. Between this and a regular towel stand, this takes up significantly lesser space and allows you to add more hooks for other various objects you would want or need in your bathroom.

What are some ways to maximise space?

Other than these storage and organisation ideas and tips, there are other ways to help give your smaller bathroom space the illusion of a bigger space.

1) Use soft-toned colours such as cream, white, and light grey

2) Having a glass-enclosed shower

3) Install an oval mirror over your vanity

4) Having a minimum amount of accessories on the floor such as the trash dispenser or the laundry basket to be placed outside of your bathroom instead

5) Change the swing of your door outwards

Where can you purchase your accessories?

As you know now, bathroom storage ideas come in all sizes and with that comes a variety of bathroom organisers. There is never too small of a bathroom where you cannot customise or style it to your liking. If you are looking to get some of these accessories, head over to browse VBathroom’s selection of bathroom accessories here. Better yet, contact us if you wish to get a consultation from us on your bathroom’s storage or organisation needs.