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 Bathroom Tapware Finishes Hot Right Now: From Brass to Brushed to Black

Bathroom Tapware Finishes Hot Right Now: From Brass to Brushed to Black

Are you looking for new bathroom tapware finishes to give your bathroom a facelift? A bathroom is a sanctuary where you will spend a lot of your time. It’s therefore important to create a space where you can relax, and that will continue to be aesthetically pleasing for years to come.

Although there are several new trendy bathroom tapware finishes continually emerging in Perth, we share just some of our favourites, from black to brass and brush, for you to consider. 

Like with any building or renovation decision, you also have to weigh up the pros and cons of each option, so we break down everything you should keep in mind when choosing from the latest bathroom tapware trends to breathe some life into your bathroom.

Different Types of Bathroom Tapware Finishes That’s Trendy Right Now

Although some trends might come and go, others can remain timeless if you choose the correct look that complements your specific space.

Black Tapware

Black tapware is all the rage right now. Not only does it add a dramatic look to any room, but it also offsets the usual white porcelain often used for other bathroom amenities. And because traditional tapware has generally always been chrome or metallic, it makes you look twice, demanding attention. Our new Nero range with its smooth curves looks incredible in black, for example..

Pros of Choosing Black Tapware

Fresh, Trendy Look 
Black tapware makes a modern impression and is very on-trend right now.

Black Goes with Everything 
This colour, as we all know, is versatile and pairs well with other colours. 

Can Be More Affordable 
Going for the black option could be wallet-friendly, depending on the materials used.

Shows Up But Won’t Show
It won’t show dirt or fingerprints as much as shinier alternatives. 

Cons of Choosing Black Tapware

Can Become Old News
It can get dated if black tapware becomes old news.

Bold But for How Long?
The intensity of the black can fade over time.

Needs Some TLC
You have to be more careful when washing it and only use soapy water, drying it well afterwards. 

Bruises Easily 
The black coating could scratch, especially during the installation process. Always ensure that the person installing it covers the tapware with a soft cloth to avoid scratching it.

Shows Off in More Ways Than One
Dust and certain vanity products like powder can stand out against the black.

Brushed Tapware

Brushed metal merges traditional with a more modern finish and a great way to keep the timeless appeal of these classic metal finishes. It adds a timeless yet edgy look to any bathroom and is also a bit more low-maintenance than other more impactful trends.

Pros of Choosing Brushed Tapware

Timeless Yet Modern
Although brushed adds a bit of a modern edge to your tapware, it’s so subtle that your brushed tapware won’t become dated in a couple of years.

Thanks to its textured look, brushed tapware won’t show marks or dust as easily as other shinier or matte coloured bathroom tapware.

Cons of Choosing Brushed Tapware  

Not as Dramatic
For some, brushed tapware might be a little underwhelming if you want something to really stand out in your bathroom.

Brass Tapware 

Brass tapware gives a sense of warmth to a white room. It also adds an old-world, country, or boho-luxe feel to your bathroom. If you want to make it look more modern to suit the rest of your bathroom finishes, opt for a shinier, polished finish. 

Pros of Choosing Brass Tapware

Warmer Colour
It adds warmth to your bathroom and offsets the cold white colours generally used in bathrooms.

Brass can be a more environmentally friendly choice due to the organic materials used.

Plays Well with Black
Brass also complements black very well and gives off an industrial look.

Cons of Choosing Brass Tapware

Can Look Outdated 
Could look outdated if not done right, so always try to complement the old-fashioned feel of brass with more modern finishes or opt for a shinier finish.

Loses its Appeal Over Time 
Discolouration or fading could occur over time.

Must Take it Easy
Don’t go overboard with brass, as it can lose its impact in a room when overused.

How to Decide on the Best Tapware Trend for Your Home 

Who is the bathroom for? 

The first thing you should always consider is who will be using the bathroom. For example, if it’s for a family with kids who will likely be a little rougher with the tapware, brushed tapware that won’t show marks will be a good choice. 

Are you in this for the long-run?

It would help if you also kept in mind that tapware is a long-term decision, and you will have to look at it for many years to come. You have to ask yourself whether you are planning on keeping the same look and feel and your other key furniture and accessory pieces. 

Will you be able to keep up with the maintenance?

If you choose something like bold and beautiful black tapware, you must realise that you need to take care of it. For example, black tapware requires some extra TLC when cleaning it, and you should always wipe it down with a microfibre cloth and not use any harsh chemicals to keep its impactful intensity. 

Give Your Bathroom a Facelift: Bathroom Tapware Perth

Have you decided what tapware you want for your new bathroom or renovation? Take a look at our wide range of classic and modern tapware to suit your every need. 

Browse our wide range of bathroom tapware, vanity, basin, shower, toilet, furniture, bathtub, and accessory needs. Or, contact us and we’ll help you make the best decision for your specific needs.