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 What Is The Standard Height For Bathroom Vanity?

What Is The Standard Height For Bathroom Vanity?

Are you looking to spruce up your bathroom space a bit? Perhaps you’re undergoing a full fledged bathroom makeover? Updating your space with a beautiful new bathroom vanity can make the world of difference. The vanity and basin area are very much in your line of focus, because you probably wash your hands there several times a day. 

It’s all very good and well to say a new vanity will update your space, but what vanities are there? What is on the market that will best suit your bathroom design? Additionally, how do you decide how high the bathroom vanity will be? What is the standard bathroom vanity height? 

In this article we will discuss all that we need to know about bathroom vanity, define vanity, as well as what is a good vanity height. 

What Are The Different Styles Of Bathroom Vanity? 

There are a few different vanity styles that will accentuate the design of your bathroom makeover. Picking the right style of bathroom vanity with your design is the element that will give your bathroom the “wow” factor. These styles include: 

Pedestal Vanity Units 

The pedestal vanity is the most classic unit on the list. It features no bench or lower storage. It is a sink and that’s it. It is perfect for smaller bathrooms and nooks.

This style of vanity is good for: small town houses with limited space or retro art-deco bathrooms. 

Floating Bathroom Vanity 

Sometimes called freestanding vanity, this style has nothing connected to the floor, and instead has cabinetry coming out of the wall with a sink on top, giving its floating aesthetic. It provides storage and hides your plumbing. 

This style of vanity is good for: contemporary and hamptons style of bathrooms.

Cabinet Style 

As the name may suggest, this style is essentially a cabinet with a place to run and drain on top of it. Think pull out draws, cupboards and shelves, giving you space to store your bathroom items and accessories. 

They can either be complete to floor cabinets, which come out of the floor, or open bottom, which stands on four legs. 

This style of vanity is good for: farmhouse homes and family bathrooms because of how much storage they have. 

What Is The Standard Height of Vanity? 

The most universal height for vanity, or the standard vanity height in Australia, is roughly 81cm from floor to benchtop (32 inches). This is the universal standard for everyone. From kids, to adults, this height is meant to be usable for most people. You might expect this kind of height for your cabinet style vanity units.

What Is The Height of a Comfort Height Vanity?

A comfort height vanity unit is used for adults and isn’t very kid friendly. Typically, the comfort height for vanity is around 91cm from floor to benchtop (36 inches). Since the benchtop is higher up and isn’t very well suited for kids, it is best used for floating, contemporary styles of vanity. The family home would not bode well with this vanity height.

What Is The Height of Vanity With A Vessel Sink?

Vessel sink vanity has to be lower down than normal because, as you’d imagine, it has to have space for the above-counter sink. As such, the height for a vanity unit with a vessel sink on it is about 76cm from floor to benchtop (30 inches).

However, the height of your vanity with a vessel sink will depend on how big your actual vessel sink is. They usually add up to about 12cm or 15cm, so try and get that to line up between 81-91cm.

Usually, floating vanity units are easier with vessel sinks because wall hung vanity height from floor to benchtop is easier to adjust, than say a cabinet vanity unit. As such a contemporary bathroom is better suited for this height. 

How To Select Bathroom Vanity Dimensions

The best vanity size completely depends on the size of your bathroom. If you have a small bathroom, you’re probably better suited to a pedestal vanity unit/sink. A medium sized bathroom may be better suited for 1200 bathroom vanity or 1500 bathroom vanity. If you have a large bathroom, you can start experimenting with 1800 bathroom vanity and double sink vanity units. 

How High Do You Hang A Vanity Light? 

Hanging a light over your vanity is usually about 1.9m to 2m from the floor to base. Your bathroom lighting should be high enough that it isn’t in your face and at eye level, but also shouldn’t be too high that it’s useless for small children. However, the best thing to do to work out the height of your light fixture is to measure and experiment after the vanity is installed.  

Bathroom Vanity Installations 

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