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 5 Rules To Follow When Choosing Bathroom Tiles With Vanity

5 Rules To Follow When Choosing Bathroom Tiles With Vanity

So, you wanna do-up grandma’s old dresser and turn it into a bathroom vanity. And you want to use that new matte black floor tile design with those fun shower tiles that had fishing frogs on them. Fun green tiles in the shower go well with a black contemporary styled floor and a refurbished rustic style vanity, right? 

I’m sorry to break it to you, but this look will be as difficult to pull off as Evel Knievel jumping over the grand canyon. Basically impossible!  

This particular style choice could be considered a little abrasive, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get creative! Because you absolutely can! You just have to use a little bit of tactile strategy and cleverness.

So don’t worry. In this article we will walk through everything you need to know about pairing bathroom tiles with your vanity, and the 5 rules you can use to guide your bathroom renovation. 

What Style Of Bathroom Would You Like? 

The first thing I’d suggest you do, before you even look at bathroom tiling ideas and vanities, is try and decide what style of bathroom you want? Browse some design ideas, and work out which one works with your house. Selecting an overall style will make the rest of your decisions far easier. 5 of the most popular ideas, in no particular order, include: 

  • Coastal style: Light and bright colours with natural materials. Perfect for beachsides and coastal cities.  
  • Boho style: Travel and culture, this bathroom screams it. Rich textures and patterns.
  • Mid-century modern: Hey, I’m walkin’ ‘ere! This is your retro design you might get in a New Yorkian diner. Fonzy is all over this one, ayyyyyy.  
  • Industrial style: This space uses the rawest of materials. Exposed brick, gunmetal and brass. This one will take you back to the industrial revolution for sure.  
  • Contemporary style: Ever been to those fancy bathrooms in hotels or restaurants? Well this style is basically that, but in your own home. Elegant and simple colours that are seemingly timeless.

What Style Of Vanity Would You Like? 

We believe that it is easier to pick your vanity after you have chosen your bathroom style, but before you have chosen your floors and walls tile. This is because there is more variation in bathroom tiles and therefore it will be easier to match your tiles to the vanity. There are many different styles of vanity, your next step is to start browsing.

The 5 Rules To Follow When Selecting Bathroom Tile Design 

How do you match a floor to a vanity, or tiles in general? Well granted you have chosen a bathroom style and vanity style by now, if you follow these 5 rules it should be easy. They are: 

Rule 1: Pick Your Keystone Tile First 

Do not save the best bathroom floor tiles for last, or any of the tiles. Select the ones you must have in your bathroom first. If you choose this one first, you can make the rest of your tile choices educated and validated based on this first selection. 

Rule 2: Don’t Use More Than 3 Tiles 

So, you’ve made your first choice, and selected your must have tile. Now it’s time to select one or two more, but no more. Choosing more and mixing the tiles together in the bathroom is an easy way to make an overwhelming sensation in your bathroom. Leave Joseph with his amazing technicolour dream-coat have all the glory with the colour spectrum, and let’s keep your bathroom palatable. 

If the first tile you choose is a bit more adventurous, keep the other tiles you choose a bit more sterile and subtle, as to let that keystone tile really shine and act as a focal point. 

Rule 3: Keep To One Focal Point 

We’ve already discussed that if you have one stand-out tile in the bathroom, the other tiles should be subtle. This is the case with the rest of the bathroom accessories as well. 

If you have a magnificent show-stopping freestanding bath, or stunning floating vanity cabinet, try and let it do the work. Having multiple show-stopping focal points will overstrain the eyes, and make the space uncomfortable. 

Rule 4: Consider The Upkeep Of The Tiles 

Do you like to clean? I don’t like to clean. So if you’re anything like me, try and get some tiles that are as easy to clean as possible. For very wet areas, porcelain or ceramic are good options, as long as they are sealed tiles. Natural stone tiles look great, but will require more sealing and maintenance. Glass tiles look great on walls as accents, but are super-slippery so shouldn’t be used on the floor. 

Rule 5: Scales and Ratios

Large tiles have become popular in contemporary bathrooms, which is certainly a tell of the times. Ask a professional what they think the best size and ratio of tiles would be for your bathroom. The only thing we’d recommend staying away from is overusing small tiles, as they can also overwhelm the bathroom. 

Some Pairing Recommendations 

  1. Coastal style bathrooms – Britney vanity series – Stand out blue shower tiles with subtle tiles elsewhere 
  2. Boho style bathrooms – Malibu vanity series – Small creams and warm tiles to bring out rich colours in your accessories 
  3. Mid-century modern bathrooms – New Hampton vanity series – Medium sized mix and match floor tiles with subtle walls 
  4. Industrial bathrooms – Refurbished vanity units – Exposed bricks and big tiles 
  5. Contemporary bathrooms – Madison vanity series – Large tiles in subtle colours, let the vanity, accessories and tapware show off their elegance 

Are You Legally Required To Hire A Plumber?

The short answer, no. In Australia, you typically only need to hire a plumber when dealing with sewer/wastewater and drinking water supplies. Bathroom vanity does not come into this. You also need a registered builder if your building work is more than $20k. Your bathroom vanity will not cost this much. So no, you will not need a plumber. 

However, you might indeed want a plumber. If you are short on time, or aren’t feeling confident with installing the vanity yourself, there’s no point trying to do a rushed job and failing. It will waste time and money.

Do You Need A Hand Selecting A New Vanity?

When it comes to bathroom vanity in Perth, VBathroom will have you covered. Our bathroom showrooms in Perth will present you with all the options you need to complete your bathroom. Our series such as the Britney Vanity and Hamptons will sure to satisfy. 

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