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 The 15 Best Ways to Save Room in Your Bathroom.

The 15 Best Ways to Save Room in Your Bathroom.

Storage in any space of the house is difficult.  The bathroom is no exception.  Bathrooms do not have as much storage as most other rooms and if multiple people are using the space, all using their preference in different body products and grooming tools, storage can become extremely scarce.  Needless to say, the sight of an unorganised bathroom can be ghastly and make your experience in the bathroom unpleasant.  Do not fear! As there are tips and tricks you can employ in your bathroom to maximise storage.  The different bathroom vanity furnishing units you use such as mirrors, cabinets and shelves, will help you.  Here are some ideas you can use!

Why is Bathroom Vanity and Bathroom Storage Important?

All rooms in the house require appropriate storage.  Arguably, the bathroom storage is the most important.  Why is this?  Well, the bathroom is often a communal space, meaning it can easily become messy and disorganised.  As people do not like to clean up others mess.  Appropriate vanity that allocates clear areas for people to use and put their toiletries will ensure organisation is upkept.  Additionally, bathroom vanity and storage are important because the bathroom frequently sees moisture and damp, meaning clutter can become a health hazard as it breeds harmful bacteria and mould.  This damp can also be harmful for electronic devices such as electric razors, hair dryers and hair straighteners.  To remove clutter and best allow your bathroom area to dry, bathroom storage with vanity furnishings in cabinets, drawers and shelves is essential.

15 ways to Improve Bathroom Storage with Your Bathroom Vanity

1. Double Vanity Units 

Dual vanity units and furnishings are perfect for couples.  Having his and her sinks and clearly being able to divide the vanity into two will make it obvious which space belongs to who.

2. Single Vanity Units 

If you live by yourself and do not need to worry about other people, it does not mean that you yourself don’t need to be organised.  Single vanity units and furnishings are perfect for a unit or apartment to make sure your bathrooms stays organised.  

3. Glass Jars

Glass jars, whether on the bench surface of the vanity unit or in your bathroom cabinet, can be a great way to store smaller objects like your toothbrushes and cotton wool balls.  When using glass jars, make sure you are constantly wiping them to make sure they remain clean and transparent.

4. Vanity Drawers

Vanity drawers are another great way to organise your smaller toiletries.  Many vanity units and furnishings have multiple drawers which offers you a way to organise your toiletries by category.

5. Open Vanity Spaces and Baskets 

If you have an open space under your bathroom sink in your bathroom vanity set, it is a great place for some baskets!  These baskets will be your alternative to store your larger items. Some neatly folded towels stowed away under your sink is a great look and can open up your space.

6. Vanity Medicine Cabinet 

If you divide your vanity medicine cabinet into sections with dividing shelves, you will have another great way to organise smaller items by category in your bathroom storage.  The glass jars mentioned before are a great size to fit in a bathroom medicine cabinet and will neatly organise your things.  

7. Vanity Shelf Risers 

Vanity shelf risers are a great way to subdivide things on the same shelf by separating them on a separate platform.  The smaller items are suited to this like cotton balls, q-tips and hair ties.  It will really boost your bathroom storage!

8. Recessed Bathroom Shelves

Narrow spaces that you think might be useless are actually a great way for you to boost your bathroom storage.  These narrow spaces between bathroom outlets and behind doors are perfect for storing products and linens.  Narrow bathroom vanity is still useful bathroom vanity!

9. Labels

Everyone loves labels.  Labelling your bathroom vanity will make it easier for you to continually store your items away.  Labels on your bathroom vanity are an exceptionally good idea if multiple people are using the same bathroom, so it is stark who owns which area of the bathroom furniture.  

10. Bathroom Drawer Dividers

If you only have a certain number of drawers and inevitably have to share with someone else, that is not a problem!  You can buy bathroom drawer dividers for your vanity unit so that yours and your housemates belongings do not get muddled up.  Even if you only live by yourself, dividers are a great way to arrange your bathroom drawer by category.

11. Floating Bathroom Shelves 

Floating bathroom shelves in your bathroom vanity set are excellent for opening up your bathroom.  Instead of having shelving that lies on the floor, floating shelving moves it to the wall.  Since this space is open, save this sort of bathroom shelving for items that will look good on display. 

12. Bathroom Storage Ladder

Have an old wooden ladder lying about?  Give it a fresh coat of paint and it can be perfect for storing things in your rustic-styled bathroom.  It can hang towels and mats as well as hang hooks that hold small storage containers.  It can take up far less space than traditional bathroom furniture and is a great option!

13. Inbuilt Bathroom Vanity Storage

A terrific way to save space in your bathroom is building bathroom storage depressed into the bathroom wall.  Check you have enough space in your bathroom wall and there are not pipes or wires behind it.  You can include doors or drawers to this space to conceal clutter.  It is a fantastic option to save space!

14. Narrow Bathroom Vanity Units

If your bathroom is small, you will need a narrow bathroom vanity unit.  Make sure this unit has appropriate drawers and shelves underneath it so you can adequately store your belongings.

15. Clean! Clean! Clean!

Needless to say, the best way to make sure your bathroom storage is maximised and your bathroom remains useable is to clean frequently.  Remove clutter.  If something is empty, put it in the bin!  Wipe over surfaces frequently.  Particularly things like the bathroom mirror, which can quickly develop grime that is easy to see.  Be on top of your cleaning!

Where to get Bathroom Furniture and Bathroom Vanity Sets

For any and all of your storage concerns with your bathroom vanity and furniture, VBathroom will be able to help.  Browse our easy-to-use website and select what bathroom furniture best suits you.  Email us or contact us over the phone today for any help you need in the bathroom.