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 12 On-Trend Bathroom Decor Ideas That You Are Going to Love

12 On-Trend Bathroom Decor Ideas That You Are Going to Love

New stylish bathroom decor and bathroom accessories can help you upgrade your bathroom and create the trendy space you have always wanted. If you wish to liven up your white tiles with vibrant pops of colour or make a statement with chic bathroom mirrors, you are going to love these on-trend bathroom decor ideas.

Why Decor Is Important in Your Bathroom

A bathroom is a sanctuary for relaxation and rejuvenation, a place where you can de-stress and unwind after a long day. It can also be a vibrant and fun space that helps energise you for a busy day ahead before your morning cup of coffee kicks in. With thoughtfully chosen stylish bathroom decor, you can create any feeling you want in the room that starts and ends your day. 

From elegant must-have bathroom accessories to led bathroom mirrors that belong in expensive New York hotels, here are 12 on-trend bathroom decor ideas that you are going to love.

Top 11 Bathroom Decor Trends 

1. Oval Mirrors 

If you have always wanted a soft, elegant bathroom that looks like a professional interior designer styled it, consider adding oval bathroom mirrors to your main bathroom or ensuite. Hang two oval-shaped bathroom wall mirrors side by side above his and her basins to create a modern elegance in any bathroom. 

2. Bathroom Rugs 

Quickly transform your bathroom into the perfect cosy space with the addition of a waterproof bathroom rug. Not only do bathroom rugs feel nice under your feet on cold winter mornings, but they add texture, colour and pattern to your bathroom. With many shapes and sizes available, you can find the perfect bathroom decor rug for any bathroom.

3. Clever, Stylish Storage 

There’s no such thing as too much storage, especially for the room that hosts your morning and night routine. Creating a clean and organised space is easily achieved with clever, stylish storage that is visually appealing and allows your daily products to be easily accessible. For example, store your hair ties, earbuds, bath bombs in glass canisters, and keep your towels or toilet paper in pretty wicker baskets.

4. Led Bathroom Mirrors

Easily create an expensive appeal to your bathroom with additional lighting that is also energy efficient. Led bathroom mirrors easily add high-end sophistication to any bathroom and will make you feel like you just woke up in an expensive New York hotel. 

5. Bathroom Wall Cabinets with Mirrors

Bathroom wall cabinets with mirrors not only brighten up any bathroom, but this bathroom decor favourite adds functional space to store your beloved bathroom accessories. With some bathroom wall cabinets with mirrors even coming with stylish built-in shelves underneath for decorative bathroom accessories, it’s no wonder bathroom wall cabinets with mirrors is so on-trend right now. 

6. Plants

You have filled your whole house with air-purifying, joy-sparking plants, so why not your bathroom as well? Surround your bathtub with large, medium and small humidity loving plants that will make you feel like you are bathing in a jungle. 

7. Decorative Shelves 

Decorative shelves are the ultimate two in one bathroom decor in Perth. Adding shelves around your bathroom mirrors will give you extra storage in a small space whilst also an excuse to show off your beautiful candle and incense collection.

8. Feature Stool 

Instantly feel relaxed when you step inside your bathroom with bathroom decor that reminds you to relax and treat yourself. Create a stylish space next to your freestanding bath with a feature stool that hosts your “pamper night” glass of wine or your latest “wind-down” book. 

9. Shower Shelf

Do you own a home that was built before the shower niche craze began? Luckily you can still enjoy the luxurious convenience of having a shelf in your shower by picking up this popular bathroom accessory from your local bathroom design store. Shower shelves are available in elegant metal or glass and will instantly stop you from feeling left out of the shower niche trend. 

10. Framed Pictures or Art 

Cleaning your teeth is a daily task that we must complete, no matter how boring it is. So why not add your favourite colourful print to admire whilst you clean your teeth every morning and night. Adding pops of colour anywhere in the home, especially the bathroom, is a bathroom decor trend Perth homeowners can’t get enough of right now. 

11. Statement Bath Mats 

From cheeky messages to unique artwork to vibrant pops of colour, bath mats are now available in many exciting designs. So why not upgrade the dull bath mat you use every day into something that gives you a daily dose of laughter or happiness as you get ready for your day. 

12. Create a stylish spa experience

Turn your bathroom into a stylish spa experience with indulgent bathroom decor. Style a luxury range of hand soap and moisturiser on a tray on your floating vanity. Decorate your bath hob with jars of Epsom salts and candles with relaxing scents and don’t forget to hang a white cosy bathrobe on a hook by the door. With Led bathroom mirrors helping to create the perfect relaxing lighting, you can have the ultimate spa night any day of the week.

Next Steps to Improving Your Bathroom

Whether you want to create a space that helps you get excited for your day or get excited to come home and wind down, any one of these on-trend bathroom decor ideas will help upgrade your bathroom from dull to stylish.

We recommend first picking the bathroom decor trend that suits the feeling you want to create in your new space, setting an achievable budget, and beginning your bathroom decor project by decluttering your bathroom before grabbing your list and heading over to your local bathroom design store

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