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 How to Select the Perfect Bath for Your Bathroom Space.

How to Select the Perfect Bath for Your Bathroom Space.

Though the shower is the quickest and easiest to use in your busy routine to regularly wash yourself, the bath is far superior when it comes to finding the perfect moment of relaxation and creating “wow” factor in your bathroom.  Choosing the perfect bath for your bathroom will create the perfect bathroom!  Unfortunately, choosing the perfect bathtub is easier said than done.  The first step to choosing is understanding what the difference is between freestanding bathtubs and inset bathtubs, and understanding what your bathroom needs are! 

What are the Different Bathtubs on the Market?

There are many different bathtubs on the market and all of them are suitable depending on your needs.  Freestanding bathtubs can be the perfect focal point for those with a large, spacious bathroom, that want to really to emphasise the luxury of their space.  Inset bathtubs are perfect for saving space in your bathroom and can offer safety to elderly and children.  But what is a freestanding bath and an inset bath?

What is a Freestanding Bathtub?

A freestanding bathtub, as the name might suggest, is a bathtub that stands free and does not connect to the wall in anyway.  It is finished on all sides and can be viewed from every angle.  This makes the bathtub stand out from the rest of the room and creates a great focal point for your bathroom.  Because of this, freestanding baths come in a massive range of sizes and materials as designers and consumers often use them as a sort of quasi art piece in the bathroom.  This means you can find a freestanding bathtub to suit almost any design choice you might be going with.  Selecting an appropriate freestanding bathtub will really emphasise the design goals you are trying to achieve in your bathroom!

What is an Inset Bathtub?

An inset bathtub is a bathtub that is built against one or more walls in your bathroom.  These have historically been the most popular bathtubs in Australia because they are a great way to save space in your bathroom.  If you have a smaller bathroom that is not able to accommodate a freestanding bathtub, the inset bathtub is the best choice for you.  Because they are aligned with the walls of your bathroom, they also offer safety to people that may find it difficult to manoeuvre themselves in and out of the bath, such as the elderly and children.  You can install railing along the walls of the inset bath to help getting in and out.  Inset baths also come in a wide range of materials and sizes.

Things to Consider 

When selecting your bathtub there are a number of things you need to consider that will definitely influence your decision:

Size of Your Bathroom

The first thing to consider is the size of your bathroom.  If your bathroom is small, it should immediately rule out a freestanding bath.  An inset bath is far more appropriate for you.

Will Elderly or Children be Using the Bathtub?

If you have elderly or children that live with you and will be using the bathtub, the added safety of an inset bath means it is probably the option for you.  Freestanding baths can be more difficult to manoeuvre into.


When selecting your bathtub, you have to acknowledge what sort of tapware you want to use, and where your plumbing is located.  If your plumbing does not allow you or if it will be out of your budget to have a freestanding bath, it may be an unviable option.  Likewise, if you want to use brass tapware, the bold statement would be better suited to a bold freestanding bath.  

Water Use

Freestanding bathtubs can have the issue of overspray.  This is an issue if you plan to install a shower within your bath.  Freestanding baths usually don’t accommodate shower screens and the likes into their design.  If you wish to install a shower into your bath, an inset bath is likely to be more appropriate.


Inset baths have less surface area, and have surface area that is easier to access.  Because of this, they are easier to clean and may influence your decision when buying a bathtub.  If you do not find cleaning arduous, freestanding baths will be no problem for you.


The last thing to consider is what design you would like.  Both freestanding and bathtubs come in a range of materials and colours.  A freestanding bathtub will definitely make more of a statement in your bathroom and can emphasise your bathroom as a point of luxury.  Therefore, a freestanding bathtub might be better suited to some more exciting materials and colours.  However, if you don’t want your bathtub to be the main focal point of your bathroom, the less noticeable inset bathtub is an excellent design option and as such more modest colours and materials are suitable.  You can decorate the tiles surrounding your inset bath if you wanted to still create somewhat of a focal point.  Get creative with it!  As long as you have the provisions, you should select whatever design speaks out to you.

Where to Get Your Bathtub

Still unsure what the perfect bath for your bathroom would be?  Do not be worried in the slightest!  For all of your Perth based bathtub needs, VBathroom will have you covered at extremely competitive prices.  Our range of both inset baths and freestanding baths in Perth are some of the best, and our staff are notoriously friendly.  Browse our easy-to-use website to find your perfect bathtub today.  Or contact us over the phone or send us an email today to help you find what you are looking for.  We can arrange for you to come to either of our Malaga or Bentley showrooms at your next best convenience.  Whatever your needs are, we will accommodate them.