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 Most Popular Vanity Lighting Ideas to Make Your Bathroom Shine!

Most Popular Vanity Lighting Ideas to Make Your Bathroom Shine!

Choosing the perfect lighting in your bathroom will significantly improve its atmosphere. However, you can’t just buy any old lighting and expect “hey presto, I’ve got the perfect bathroom!” You need to make sure you select the right lighting that matches your bathroom style. The easiest and best way to do this is to match your lighting to your vanity. Here are some of the best lighting ideas and the vanity that goes with them!

How to Perfectly Light Your Bathroom 

When it comes to lighting your bathroom, there are 3 things you need to consider:

1. Work From the Top Down 

You need to make sure your bathroom has well spread illumination. The best way to do this is to start your lighting journey from the roof, and work your way down. 

2. Balance, Balance, Balance!

If you decide to go for a combination of light sources, which is a popular style, you will need to make sure you balance the illumination. You don’t want different light sources clashing! This may create an awkward and uncomfortable glare. Do your best to keep your bathroom a perfectly relaxing space. 

3. Keep it Clean, Keep it Simple

As mentioned before, you want to keep the glare and piercing brightness in your bathroom to a minimum. Overdoing the lighting is counterproductive to making the perfect illumination. Keep it clean, keep it simple. Achieve the perfect lighting with sensational options and placement. Less is more. 


You might be thinking, you want bright light in your bathroom so you can groom yourself or do your makeup. The solution? Bathroom vanity lights! LED vanity lights and other forms of illumination around your bathroom vanity unit will give you what you need. They can also make a great focal point in your bathroom, so you can let your creativity run rampant! 

The Most Popular Lighting Ideas 

The best way to pick the lighting for your bathroom is to take a look at popular bathroom design ideas. Here are some of the most popular and what sort of vanities they pair with for your next bathroom vanity renovation:

  1. Pendant Lights 

Pendant lights are small lights that hang from the roof by a cord, chain or pole. Sometimes called drop, or suspender lights, pendant lights typically have a single light bulb, surrounded by some sort of case. This means pendant lights can get very creative because there are many, many different sorts of cases for them on the market.

Pendant lights are versatile with where they can be put around the bathroom. They can hang from the centre of the room, over a bathtub, or even act as bathroom vanity lights. A great idea for double sink vanity is to place a pendant light over each sink/mirror. They also pair well with floating bathroom vanity, as it gives the bathroom a sort of elevated, levitating feel.

What Vanity Styles do they Pair With?

Because of the versatility pendant lights have with their seemingly countless different styles they come in, they are suited to almost every bathroom vanity option. These options include: 

Things to Consider Before Selecting Pendant Lights

The main thing to consider when choosing pendant lights is if you have enough room and if your roof is tall enough. If your pendant light is hanging from an extremely low roof, it may look awkward. 

  1. Wall Sconces 

Wall sconces, not to be confused with scones, delicious they may be, are light fittings that are fixed to the wall. This style of bathroom lighting is again extremely versatile because they can come in a massive range of colours, sizes and housings. 

This style dates back to pre-modern times where wall sconces would hold candles and torches. Luckily for us, they are electricity powered these days and look great in the bathroom! 

What Vanity Styles do they Pair With?

Wall sconces pair well with almost every vanity style, just like pendant lights. The main styles they work with are: 

Things to Consider Before Selecting Wall Sconces  

When selecting a wall sconce you need to make sure that you have plenty of wall space. They are a great way to fill up an unused space. If that space isn’t there, you may just end up making the bathroom look cluttered. 

  1. Hollywood Vanity Lighting 

The Hollywood bathroom vanity style is dazzling, showy and bejeweling. It features a series of individual globes fixed to a long bracket. Think of movie sets, trailers and dressing rooms. These are the lights they use for makeup and costumes.  

These sorts of lights have also been modernised in recent years, and instead of featuring a series of globes on a bracket, a modern version includes a long LED strip.

What Vanity Styles do they Pair With?

Hollywood vanity lights surprisingly pair well with a lot of different styles. Because of the modernisation of the light, it can suit both retro and new looks! These include: 

  • Mid-Century Modern Style
  • Contemporary Style 

Things to Consider Before Selecting Hollywood Vanity Lighting 

The biggest downside to Hollywood bathroom vanity is it can sometimes be overpowering, which can throw off the lighting illumination balance of your space. So if you decide to use this style, be strategic with it. Perhaps it needs a seperate switch from the rest of the bathroom lighting. Think of where and how strong other lighting options should be.

  1. Backlit Vanity Mirrors 

Backlit vanity mirrors, as the name suggests, are mirrors that have a backlight. They come in a range of different shapes and sizes, which allows them to suit a range of styles. 1800 bathroom vanity, or 1200 bathroom vanity, there will be a backlit mirror to suit.

What Vanity Styles do they Pair With?

Vanity mirrors seem a touch more “techy” and therefore are restricted to mainly newer styles. These include:

  • Coastal Style
  • Boho Style 
  • Contemporary Style 

Things to Consider Before Selecting a Backlit Vanity Mirror 

Backlit vanity mirrors create quite the focal point. This means the rest of your bathroom should have a simplistic look. Otherwise, your bathroom may start to feel overcrowded, with too much going on and too much to look at.

It’s Your Bathroom!

When it comes down to it, it’s your bathroom, it’s your journey. You shouldn’t let a blog tell you what to do and there are more styles out there. If you want to mix and match, you should! You should do whatever makes you happy.

Bathroom Vanity Installations 

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