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 Stone Benchtops: A Comparison

Stone Benchtops: A Comparison

Choosing the right type of stone benchtop is a big decision. You want something that fits the style of your kitchen while providing the qualities you need – and matching your budget.

But there’s a problem – there are so many different types of stone benchtops, and they all look great. In this guide, we provide you with a simple comparison table so you can quickly compare the different qualities for yourself, and make the right choice for your stone benchtop.

Overview of the Most Popular Stone Benchtops

You have more choice than ever when it comes to choosing stone benchtops. As well as the classic natural stones like granite and marble, you have newer manufactured materials that were not available a few years ago.

For example, sintered stone is a relatively new product that has proven to be incredibly popular over recent years. This incredibly durable material is not a natural stone product, but it offers lots of the benefits of natural stone without the disadvantages. For example, not only is it resistant to scratches, chemicals, impacts and liquids, but it is also incredibly versatile and does not require sealing.

Engineered quartz is another popular option. Quartz like Caesarstone is another fairly new option that offers lots of excellent qualities without some of the other weaknesses that you find in natural stone. It looks stunning and comes in a huge range of colours while being as durable as granite while less prone to chipping.

But these are just two of the most popular types of materials for stone benchtops. Here’s a table showing how they compare to the other options on the market.

Sintered StoneEngineered QuartzMarbleGraniteLaminatePorcelain
Price $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
Colours & patterns4/55/53/55/54/55/5
Easy to Clean5/55/52/54/53/53/5
SummaryAn incredibly versatile, strong and durable material in a wide range of colours.Offering a huge range of desirable features as well as plenty of variation, engineered quartz is the perfect material for many.Beautiful and natural marble is still popular, but its price and lack of durability put many people off.Granite has been popular for decades, and its durability and natural beauty mean this is not going to change soon.By far the cheapest option, laminate provides a good option for those on a budget.Porcelain can be costly, but it offers a durable and attractive option that is easy to look after.
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Make Your Mind

We hope this table provides you with a good overview of the options available when choosing stone benchtops.

But don’t be put off by the fact that some of the materials have received lower scores. For example, marble may be difficult to care for and lack the qualities of some of the other materials, but its natural beauty and endless pattern variations mean it is still a popular choice.

Now that you have a better idea of the different qualities of the materials, look at some examples of stone benchtops in these materials and decide which makes the best option for your kitchen.

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