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 How to Add More Light and Style to Your Bathroom with Mirrors

How to Add More Light and Style to Your Bathroom with Mirrors

Never underestimate the power of bathroom mirrors. They not only serve a functional purpose, but they also make your bathroom feel bigger and lighter.

A well-placed mirror can give a room a makeover in two ticks. It does this by amplifying natural light, acting as an accent piece, and adding the feeling of space to your bathroom. Here are our tips on how to add more light and style to your space with bathroom mirrors.

How to Add Light and Space to Your Bathroom: Different Types of Mirrors

Full-Length Bathroom Wall Mirrors

An excellent placement for a bathroom wall mirror is between two windows. This is because it creates the illusion of being another window, opening up space. For a low-key, low-effort solution, go for a floor standing mirror and simply prop up a full-length mirror against your bathroom wall. 

Wood Framed Mirrors

Wood-framed wall mirrors add a warm atmosphere to any room and can be a great addition to a cold, white bathroom.

Frame Your Mirror with Art Pieces

If you add two artworks next to your mirror on the wall, it will create a satisfying sense of symmetry in the room.

All-in-One Backlit Mirrors and Lighting: Buy an LED Mirror 

Want good lighting? Tick. Want a mirror? Tick. Want both? Tick. LED bathroom mirrors are the ultimate glamorous accessory to add to your bathroom. It’s also practical, combining lighting and mirror in one. 

Your round LED mirror is perfect for above your sink, whereas your square LED mirror is perfect against any wall and above bigger vanities. A LED lighted mirror creates a sense of mystery and soft lighting, and these illuminated mirrors add some dimension to a flat, plain-coloured wall. Furthermore, LED lights are 80-90% more energy efficient than your standard light bulbs.

Make it Pop

Who said bathrooms have to be all white and no colour? Add a pop of colour to your bathroom with an interesting, bright mirror frame.

Double Impact with Mirrors Behind Lamps

Amplify the lighting by placing mirrors behind lamps. This will reflect more light to light up your bathroom. 

Line the Walls with Mirrors

Have you ever noticed that they have entire walls of mirrors in hotels? There’s a reason for that. It is an incredibly effective way to create a sense of more space and light. Although you will have to keep it clean to look good, it can add a real sense of glamour to your bathroom.

Instead of Wall Tiles, Go Full Mirror

As mentioned above, mirrors covering a wall has a powerful effect. Choose to scrap the wall tiles and go full-on mirror instead. Just keep in mind that mirrors require some extra elbow grease to keep them sparkling clean. 

Replace the Cabinet with a Mirror

Store your belongings in a vanity below the sink instead of above the sink. By hanging a mirror instead, you will immediately open up space.

Double Up on the Mirrors

A simple way to make a significant impact is to place mirrors on two adjacent walls. By creating multiple reflections, it opens up the place. However, test it first before committing as the effect might be too extreme for some.

Reflect a Window

Instantly create the illusion of another window in your bathroom by placing a mirror on a wall across from a window. This way, you get two of the same window views. 

Get Creative with Small Mirrors

You don’t have to only hang mirrors. You can prop smaller mirrors in beautiful frames around the bathroom. It can add a pop of personality whilst also adding light and space to your bathroom.

Bathroom Wall Cabinets with Mirrors

Go the classic traditional route of combining your bathroom wall cabinets with mirrors.

Other Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing a Mirror for Your Bathroom Design

Size of the mirror

Always measure the wall or area where you want to place the mirror before adding it to the cart. You also don’t want to go for a massive mirror that drowns the space and makes placing your other décor items challenging. 

Similarly, in a large bathroom, a tiny mirror can look entirely out of place. Your bathroom mirror should fit seamlessly into your space and create a feeling of space and light, not necessarily be the main focus. 

Is it worth investing in a safety mirror?

Depending on your household, you might want to opt for a safety mirror. If you have lots of little ones running around, mirrors could pose a danger if they slip and fall, cracking the mirror. Just like your shower door has safety glass, it’s worth considering safety or toughened mirrors for those larger mirrors. 

How to Choose the Right Mirror to Match Your Bathroom Vanity

Quality bathroom vanities will last you many, many years. There are several types to choose from, including the wall hung vanity, freestanding vanities, stone tops, and ceramic tops.

You can’t just place any mirror with any bathroom vanity. Okay, perhaps you can, but it won’t necessarily look that good. Your bathroom vanity units are an important part of your space and serve more purpose than just storage as it has a big effect on the overall aesthetic of the bathroom.

That’s why we give you our top tips on how to choose the right size mirror for your bathroom vanity unit.

Size it Up

Your mirror should not be tiny in comparison to your vanity. Ensure that there is a good balance so that the mirror won’t look out of place.

Go Double

If you have two basins, consider adding two mirrors, one above each. This will create symmetry and balance in your bathroom.

Go All In One 

If you buy a vanity that comes with a mirror as a set, you are less likely to ‘get it wrong’. 

Revamp Your Bathroom Today: Bathroom Mirrors Perth

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