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 Bathroom Renovation Checklist – The Perfect Guide

Bathroom Renovation Checklist – The Perfect Guide

Are you planning a bathroom renovation? Look no further. We’ve compiled the ultimate bathroom renovation checklist to serve as the perfect guide for your bathroom renovation in Perth. 

What to keep in mind when planning a bathroom renovation 

Who will use the bathroom?

This is important as it will influence the types and number of bathroom products, fittings, and accessories you choose. 

What are your storage requirements?

Take the above into account when deciding on your bathroom vanities. If you are a couple using the same bathroom, you might want to go for a twin or his and hers basins. If you’re a family, you might have additional storage space so should look at a larger cabinet vanity. If you still have some extra space, you can add a wall-mounted cupboard vanity like the Audrey Tall Boy. 

Size of your bathroom

The size of your bathroom will influence a number of things, such as which bathroom products, fittings and accessories to purchase. You don’t want to buy a massive bath and then have no space to put the toilet! Always measure everything as you go.

Bathroom renovation cost 

What is your budget for the renovation? The bathroom renovation cost will depend on the size of your bathroom, products, labour costs, and more. Always add a bit of a buffer (around 10%) to be safe. 

Project timeline 

Just like with your budget, you should predict that your project will go over what you predicted. You can assume that it will take up to 30% longer than your contractor predicts. Things go wrong, and there are so many variables, so don’t set yourself up for disappointment with an unrealistic timeline.

Do you want a shower, bath, or both?

This also depends on who will use the bathroom. If you have little ones or are planning to have kids one day, consider a bath. If there’s only space for one, you can consider a showerhead over the bath. 

Do you need heating?

There’s nothing quite as luxurious as stepping out of a shower on underfloor heating or slipping a toasty towel from a heated towel rail. You also get heated lamps to warm up the room. Consider whether it will be worth it to implement these features in your bathroom. 

Do you want a smart toilet or LED mirror?

There are a couple of features you can include that will take your bathroom from standard to next-gen. Want a toilet that automatically flushes when you get up? Or perhaps you want a LED mirror to give your bathroom a mysterious glow and the perfect mirror lighting? 

Do you need additional ventilation?

Bathrooms with no windows will generally need an extractor fan. Keep this in mind when planning your bathroom renovation. 

What final touches do you want?

Have you considered everything in your bathroom? Could you perhaps add a plant that generally fares well in humid climates (such as an orchid). Not only are plants aesthetically pleasing in a bathroom, but they help improve air quality.

Your bathroom renovation tips

Collect bathroom renovation ideas 

Before officially kicking off the project and buying what you need, collect pictures of another bathroom décor you like. This will help you envision what will work and won’t work. 

Consider moving things around

Although it might cost you some extra cash, moving your plumbing can improve your daily bathroom experience. The previous owners’ mistakes should not haunt you every day! If you can think of a better bathroom layout, consider moving some things around. 

What shower screen will suit your household best

When considering which type of shower screen to choose, keep in mind who will use it, as well as your bathroom size. For example, Framed Pivot Doors are excellent for large bathrooms, but Frameless Screens are ideal for small spaces.  

Tradition or mixer taps

If you have kids, mixer taps might not be ideal as they can bump against it, and the water will flow, sometimes scalding hot. However, mixer taps are very convenient for getting the right temperature water quickly.

Create designated wet and dry areas

There’s nothing worse than stepping into a slippery mess of a bathroom. That’s why it’s essential to create designated wet and dry areas. Keep your door, toilets and vanities further away from your shower and bath areas to avoid this discomfort and slipping hazard.

Take a look at the entrance

Is the door currently in a very inconvenient location? You can move the door, you know! Always keep in mind that there will have to be enough space behind the door for it to swing open. 

Think before you decide on tiles

When it comes to your bathroom tiles, you should go for grey grout that won’t look as obviously dirty as white grout. You also want to go for bigger tiles so that you don’t have as much grout to clean.

Add a window (or two!)

The best ventilation is nature’s ventilation — fresh air! Although this is not always possible in small bathrooms, make windows a priority in your bathroom if you have some space to play with. 

Mind the gap(s)

Always keep in mind that you will have to keep your bathroom clean. You want it to be as low maintenance as possible, right? Then it would be best if you considered all the nooks and crannies when installing your bathroom plumbing and products.

Getting started: tips to make it work for you

Think of texture

Believe it or not, texture plays a bigger part than you might think, especially when it comes to bathrooms. Slippery tiles can cause you to slip and fall, whereas tiles with some texture will provide grip.

Don’t forget about height 

Have you ever stayed in a hotel where your head kept bumping against the showerhead? Avoid this by keeping the tallest person in your home in mind when installing your tapware.

Storage solutions

Consider adding more shelves to your walls or opting for a cabinet vanity to offer more storage.There are a couple of vanity cupboards designed to add additional storage space to your bathroom, such as the New Hampton Tall Boy Vanity.

In Progress: What to Remember During

Don’t Forget to Order Items on Time

You don’t want to be stuck without any products when your contractor arrives.

Create a Blank Slate

Strip your bathroom and clean up, creating an organised blank slate to start with.

Finalise Contractor Agreement

Ensure that you finalise all the paperwork and licences before anyone starts with anything.

Keep Checking on Progress 

Keep the communication flowing and regularly check in on the progress.

After: What to Remember

Check Everything Thoroughly 

Before you celebrate the end of the project, check that everything works and is in order.

Expect to Go Over Deadline

Remember that most renovation and building projects go over deadlines. Don’t stress about this too much and put unnecessary pressure on the workers, resulting in shoddy workmanship. 

Start Your Bathroom Renovation Today 

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