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 How to Choose the Best Shower Head for Your Bathroom

How to Choose the Best Shower Head for Your Bathroom

A shower head can make or break your showering experience. When you buy a shower head, you need to keep this in mind and consider your specific needs and wants. 

We break down everything you need to know to help you choose the best shower head in Australia for your bathroom. 

Different Types of Shower Heads

Fixed Shower Heads: Ceiling or Wall Mount 

As the name suggests, a fixed shower head is mounted to the wall or ceiling of your bathroom and is a permanent fixture. You generally use this as the master shower head in master bedrooms. 

Hand Held Shower Heads 

Often installed to transform a bath to function as a shower as well, handheld shower heads are popular for homes with pets or children.

Furthermore, these shower arms work well when rinsing your hair, especially if you just want a quick wash without getting your entire body wet. Another instance where this will also be useful is for someone with a cast that cannot get wet, as it gives you more directional control over the water. 

Hybrid Fixed and Handheld Shower Head

A hybrid, also referred to as a dual shower head, combines both a fixed shower head and a handheld shower arm. This is great for shared family bathrooms, where you have adults, children and pets to wash in the same shower or bath. You can easily toggle between the fixed shower and hand shower, depending on what you need more at that specific moment. 

Shower Head Shapes to Consider: Our 3 Favourites 

Round Shower Head

A round shower head is your more traditional shower shape. Our designs provide roughly 200mm of overhead spray. 

Opal Shower Head

An opal shower head is similar to the round shower head but our opal designs offer a slightly wider range of 250mm overhead spray.

Square Shower Head 

Square shower heads are very modern-looking and ours will give you an area of 250mm overhead spray. This shape is often used in rain showers. 

Materials and Finishes 

When it comes to your shower head, you need to ensure that it is made of a material that will last you a long time and that won’t rust easily. 


At VBathroom, we love using brass for our shower head faces. It is durable and easy to rub clean, and certainly the most glamorous-looking. 

Our brass shower heads usually come in chrome or Matte Black, Brushed Nickel, Gun Metal Grey, or the ever-popular Rose Gold Finish. 

Stainless Steel

Another popular material to use is stainless steel. This is a more budget-friendly solution that still looks good and lasts well. 

ABS Plastic

This is a non-toxic plastic for the most affordable solution. 

How to Choose the Best Shower Head for Your Home

Water Efficiency with a Water Saving Shower Head  

When it comes to your shower head, you’ll want to take a close look at its water efficiency to help you conserve water. A shower head with good water efficiency avoids water wastage and will therefore keep your monthly water bill down. 

The spray plate design will tell you a lot about whether the showerhead will be water-efficient or not. Plates with large, fewer holes will generally be a low-pressure shower head, which in turn causes a lot of water to go down the drain — literally! Save water by going for the right shower head that is water saving. 

Water usage is usually indicated as GPM (gallon per minute) or LPM (litre per minute). This will depend on the flow rate of your shower head. You’ll generally find shower heads with a rating of 1.5 gpm, 1.8 gpm, 2.0 gpm or even 2.5 gpm.

Take a look at our Xplus All Direction Shower Head with a WELS 5-star water rating of 6.5L/min. 

Water Pressure Preference 

There’s nothing like a shower with a high-pressure shower head. It’s the key to an enjoyable shower experience! You also need a strong stream of water to rinse off soap properly, especially when washing your hair. 

You should do your research before buying your shower head and take a close look at its shower plate design. Ideally, it should have many small holes, which gives you that strong, relaxing pressure and saves water while showering. Some will even have spray settings to adjust your water pressure according to what you prefer. 

Easy to Install

A more complicated shower head installation can lead to additional costs. However, there are some simple shower heads that you can install yourself. When in doubt, always leave it up to the professionals for a fuss-free, disaster-proof installation. 

Shower Head Filter 

Water purification will give you a safer and clean shower head and avoid clogging to ensure that the water will flow well and that your shower head keeps working for years to come.

A screen head filter is generally not that effective, whereas shower heads with a more modern cloth filter are more powerful. 

Shower Head Styles 

Consider the rest of your bathroom finishes before deciding on a style. Different shower styles also offer different spray patterns. If you have silver finishes in the rest of your bathroom, it might be wise to stick with it.

Black Shower Head
Xplus All Direction Shower Head

Or you can be adventurous and bring in something modern like a black shower head. Just ensure that it fits into the rest of your bathroom’s interior design. 

Rain Shower Head

Your rain shower head is effectively a fixed shower head but with a shower head covering a larger surface area. It, therefore, offers a wide, light spray that is more like a drizzle.

Waterfall Shower Set Head

On the other hand, a waterfall shower head gives you a bit more of a strong downpour. It is also usually a fixed shower head.

Massaging Shower Head

These showerheads generally have massage jets to give you that pulsating massage while showering. This helps to relieve muscle tension and stress — and gives an incredible full body massage sensation!

Flexispray Adjustable Shower Head

With an adjustable shower head, you can set the shower timing and pressure according to your preference.

H2: Give Your Shower a Makeover with a New Shower Head

Contact us today for a brand-new shower head or arm that will make your daily shower experience that much more enjoyable, effective, and water-efficient.