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 The Best Bathroom Vanity Ideas, Cabinets & Sinks

The Best Bathroom Vanity Ideas, Cabinets & Sinks

Bathroom vanities and bathroom vanity cabinets are one of the more influential pieces of furniture in your space. Aside from being one of the biggest pieces, it is probably also one of the most used. Because of this, you can use your bathroom vanity units to your advantage when stylising. Here is an introduction to bathroom vanity cabinets and sinks when undergoing your next bathroom vanity renovation. 

What is a Bathroom Vanity Unit?

Bathroom vanity should not be confused with bathroom cabinets, despite the fact that you can have a vanity cabinet. Bathroom vanity has the difference of including a sink in the furniture.  

Bathroom vanities are great because they can give you bench space, storage and a sink all in one. Additionally, bathroom vanities can hide away any unsightly plumbing and clutter, improving the look of the room.

When talking about vanities, it is almost synonymous to talking about sinks. The different cabinet styles, paired with a style of sink, make a vanity. 

Styles of Bathroom Vanity & Cabinets 

Because of how well they can be used to influence bathroom design ideas, there are several different styles of vanities and cabinets. Here are a few: 

Pedestal Vanity Units

The pedestal vanity is the most classic unit on the list. It features no bench or lower storage. It is a sink and that’s it making it perfect for smaller bathrooms and nooks.

Floating Bathroom Vanity

Sometimes called freestanding vanity, this style has nothing connected to the floor, and instead has cabinetry coming out of the wall with a sink on top, giving its floating aesthetic. It provides storage and hides your plumbing. 

Larger than the pedestal vanity, the floating style typically comes in 1200 bathroom vanity or 1500 bathroom vanity. This style is great for contemporary, Hampton’s style homes. The Britney Vanity series is a great example. 

Cabinet Style

As the name may suggest, this style is essentially a cabinet with a place to run and drain on top of it. Think pull out draws, cupboards and shelves, giving you space to store your bathroom items and accessories. 

They can either be complete to floor cabinets, which come out of the floor, or open bottom, which stands on four legs. 

This is an excellent solution for larger, 1800 bathroom vanity and double sink vanity. They suit retro, vintage and farmhouse style bathrooms. They work especially well with families because they can store so much! 

Bathroom Mirror Cabinets

This style/furniture are essentially small bathroom cabinets that act like a sort of medicine cabinet. By doubling as a mirror they save space and allow you to store more.

Bathroom Sink Styles 

Bathroom sink cabinets and bathroom vanity basins are just as important to the style of the bathroom as the cabinetry. The sinks for bathroom vanity options are: 

Wall-Mounted Sink

The wall-mounted sink is a hybrid of pedestal vanities and floating vanities. They are a single sink coming out of the wall. They are perfect for small bathrooms and nooks. 

Vessel Sinks 

A vessel sink is a sink that sits atop your vanity. This creates a focal point on the vanity so it is recommended the rest of the vanity/bathroom be somewhat minimalistic. 

These sinks look great and save space within the cabinet, but take up more space on top of the bench. Additionally, they may be more difficult to clean and they could build up grime in hard-to-reach spots.

Inset Sinks

The inset sink, or framed sink, is dropped into the vanity cabinet, and the lip of the sink wraps around the benchtop. This style is popular and a more cost effective sink. It is commonly used in cabinet style vanities and family homes. 

The sink frees up more space on the benchtop, compared to a vessel sink, but takes up more of the storage space below. 

Under-Mounted Sinks

Under-mounted sinks are very similar to framed sinks, however they go a step further. Instead of being dropped into the vanity benchtop, the benchtop is instead fitted on top of the sink. This gives it a slightly more flush, simple look, and is perfect for contemporary homes.  

Under-mounted sinks share the same features as framed sinks, where they will clear up bench space, but take up storage space. 

As a Rule of Thumb 

As a rule of thumb, certain vanity styles go with certain sink styles. Here are some of our Recommendations.

  • Pedestal vanity (comes as is)
  • Floating bathroom vanity + Under-mounted sink 
  • Complete to floor cabinet vanity + Framed sink
  • Open bottom cabinet vanity + Vessel sink
  • Wall-mounted sink (comes as is)

Bathroom Vanity Installations 

When it comes to bathroom vanity in Perth, VBathroom will have you covered. Our bathroom showrooms in Perth will present you with all the options you need to complete your bathroom. Our series such as the Britney Vanity and Hamptons will sure to satisfy. 

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