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 Top 15 Unmissable Bathroom Design Trends of 2022

Top 15 Unmissable Bathroom Design Trends of 2022

It is finally time for a new and improved list of modern bathroom design trends for this upcoming new year! While 2022 was filled with a mix of classics and minimalism, 2023 is going to be a whole different ball game. We are talking loud, bold decorative yet functional trends that will level up your bathroom design game and leave a lasting impression on whoever visits.

Bathroom styling is no longer going to stay in the safe zone as designers now are taking a more daring route. Hence, expect the unexpected as you look through our list of the top 15 on-trend bathrooms and their designs. Who knows, you might just find your new bathroom design while you are at it. 

What are the top 2022 bathroom designs?

Before we reveal our top picks for 2023, let us have a little recap on 2022’s bathroom designs. 

2022 was a year of rejuvenation. As it was the year when most companies are implementing a hybrid work system, a lot of us spent most of our time at home. We started transforming our bathrooms into one that reflects calmness and restoration. A break from the work that awaits us in our home office. You will often see a lot of nature, Japandi-styled bathrooms in 2022, creating an almost spa-like experience whenever one heads into the bathroom. With nature, comes sustainability. It was all the hype in 2022 and it is safe to say that this trend is here to stay as years go by. 

What colours were trending for bathrooms in 2022?

Earth tones such as cream, green, deep blues and grey were very much in trend for 2022. Paired together with terrazzo countertops, these earth tones proved to not only compliment the aesthetic bathrooms but promote a sense of relaxation when one enters. Additionally, bright coloured accents to help tie the whole space together are one of the colour trends you would often see as well. 

Top 15 Bathroom Trends of 2023 

Now, let us dive right into the new bathroom trends. There are 15 trending bathrooms we foresee in the coming year that are going to set apart the bathroom trends of 2022 to 2023. 

1) Modern Gothic 

Starting off strong, Modern Gothic has risen from the past. This is not your stereotypical black-and-white, pasty gothic that you normally see in movies and TV shows. Modern Gothic now instead takes on a more contemporary, Scandinavian-styled finish with darker tones and ornate details. It gives off a rather dramatic scene while still being chic and classy. When done right through the layering of colours and accents of gold and brass, it leaves you feeling rather grandeur than intimidated at first glance. 

2) Patterns Upon Patterns

Moving along with the theme of grandeur and drama, we see pattern drenching as one of the new bathroom trends of 2023. When we say drench, we really mean it. Pour over your bathroom walls with patterned wallpaper that is sure to serve as a statement piece to whoever walks in. For it to work, ceilings must be high enough to create that dynamic effect while the floors are coloured light. 

3) Curved Showers 

If you have seen Emma Chamberlain’s home tour, you just know we are in agreement with her bathroom interior design. Sleek, modern yet cosy, curved showers are just that cocoon you never want to leave. From her video, you could tell how much character it adds to a space and serves as an aesthetic divider to other parts of the bathroom. We foresee this as one of the best shower bathroom ideas to date!

4) All About Arches 

We are sure you have seen this trend coming back even in other parts of the house. These three-dimensional archways provide more airflow and softness, unlike our usual pointed-cornered doors. It is time to get rid of your boring, rectangular doorways and turn them into archways instead. 

5) Honeyed Marbles 

Always wanted to achieve this effortless, rich Renaissance effect in your bathroom? It all begins with honeyed tones. These lighter, golden honeyed brown tones are the one that is going to elevate your bathroom space into one that is timeless and warm. Pair them together with a marbling effect, your new bathroom is going to leave you feeling luxurious and comforted after every visit.

6) Pastels, Pastels and MORE PASTELS

Another colour tone that has been the latest trend in bathrooms would be pastels. These light, airy fun tones are sure to brighten and uplift the overall mood and space of your bathroom. Compliment them with gold or bold-coloured accents, grid tiles or clayware for a twist. 

7) Organic Shaped Mirrors

Organic shaped mirrors which can also be called Retro shaped mirrors, can be a hit or miss concept for some of you out there but it is a trend for a reason. These irregular, organically shaped mirrors provide a nice break from the functional designs of a typical bathroom. They can be illuminated from behind, giving an overall soft glow to your bathroom.

8) Pinks, Greens, and Terracotta 

Unlike the previous honeyed tones and pastels, these specific colours are taking bathroom designs by storm in the coming year. The colours pink, green and terracotta not only compliment each other but can easily accent other primary colours in the bathroom as well. 

The colour pink is known to foster a nurturing and loving environment whereas green promotes a sense of calmness and serenity. These two colours when placed or layered right can transform your bathroom space into your own personal spa. Terracotta, on the other hand, is bolder and warmer. Due to its orange hues, it brings a sense of joy and energy into your space. 

9) Textiles (And We Don’t Mean Your Towel) 

If your bathroom happens to have a window, this might be perfect for you. Instead of the usual, plain-coloured curtain, let us jazz it up with bathroom curtains or fabric blinds for a softer and more personal touch. 

Some of you might be wondering if this is hygienic. Thus, choose a fabric that is light, short and easy to dry. 

10) Functional Statement Pieces 

Always want to take your bathroom design to another level but do not wish to make too big of a change? Time to look at some functional statement pieces such as overhead statement lighting. Sure, bathrooms have always had lighting but this trend focuses on making this the focal point of the entire bathroom. However, be sure that you have enough ceiling space and height for this to work safely. 

11) Hellenic Aesthetic

Coming back to the dramatic and grandeur bathroom trends we began the list with, another design trend would be the Hellenic aesthetic. Hellenic refers to the aesthetic of the Greek and Roman times where they took pride in simplicity while remaining majestic and almost fantastical. If you are a big fan of their history and flare for storytelling, you may want to stick around to transform your bathroom. 

The key here is to not overdo it. Retain the natural textures and fundamentals of your bathroom but play with colours, elements and materials. For example, polished marble countertops, gold or brass finishings and lime-wash textured walls. 

12) Textured Walls 

Whether you are into the Hellenic aesthetic, textured walls are one of the latest trends in bathrooms in 2023. Subtle but goes unnoticed, textured walls such as lime wash are great bathroom designs to explore if you wish to keep your bathroom simple without many heavy changes. 

13) Repeating Patterns

Unlike pattern drenching, here we are referring to checkerboards and stripes. These evergreen retro shapes add that missing touch of character and playfulness to tie your whole space together. You could explore wall or floor vertical tiles or checkerboard floors to adorn the surfaces. Did we also mention that they are durable and easy to maintain?

14) Symmetrical Layout (Wes Anderson who?)

Have you watched any Wes Anderson movies? Do you notice how you would tend to feel satisfied and calm at certain scenes? That is all thanks to symmetry. Just like his movies, we should create balance in our bathroom designs too. It helps create orderliness and calmness which will be beneficial in the long run. 

15) Back In Time 

Sounds a little ironic here but you have probably seen this happening, we know we have. The same phenomenon with the Modern Gothic trend, we noticed the resurrection of older, vintage-designed bathrooms. Gone are the minimalist bathroom designs, we are talking details paired with your modern dramatic interpretation of such styles. Bring back aged brassware, traditional-like wood furniture and scalloped finishes. 

This trend appears not only in bathrooms but everywhere else in your home. We started to realise how much personality has been missing and now it is your year to bring them all back!

Where to look for more? 

Finding the next best bathroom ideas does not begin by just reading out the top 15 list of trending bathrooms but to go and actually create your own with your unique taste and style. Modern bathroom ideas are always changing. With countless design options such as contemporary bathrooms, you can never run out of inspiration but always be sure to spice it up with your own touch.

Begin your bathroom makeover for the upcoming year with us, VBathroom, today! Whether you are looking to recap on the bathroom ideas of 2022 or are on the fence about which trend you wish to trend jack on, our team of experts are ready to help you make the right decision. Give us a call today!