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 10 Modern Design Ideas to Transform Your Small Bathroom

10 Modern Design Ideas to Transform Your Small Bathroom

Designing a small bathroom is a challenge. There is no denying that. On one hand, you want an aesthetically pleasing space to wind down and relax as you get ready while on the other, you need practicality and functionality in such a limited space. If you think it is either one or the other, we are here to tell you that you can have both!

All it takes is some clever, efficient planning such as storage options, layout planning and knowing the design elements to help expand that limited bathroom space. With today’s modern small bathroom ideas, you will be able to find that sweet spot balancing between aesthetics and functionality. If you are yet to still be convinced, we guarantee by the end of this article, your perception will be changed. 

What You Need To Keep In Mind 

  1. Budget 

Whether you have a small bathroom or a big bathroom, good planning begins with having a good budget. Your budget does not need to be high nor can it be too low, find a medium spot that you are comfortable with that covers the necessary cost. 

  1. Manage Expectations 

Understandably, there is only so much you can do with a small space but that does not mean that your options are limited. Just keep in mind that what can be done for a larger bathroom may not be applicable to a smaller bathroom. 

  1. Every Step Counts 

Do not skip a step of your planning and research. From budgeting to looking at showrooms to even ask your neighbour if you could look at their bathrooms, every little thought and curiosity counts. It will help maximise your perspective and introduce new possibilities in how you could design your small bathroom.

Top 10 Small Modern Bathroom Ideas

  1. Floating Vanities 

Maximise your floor space by having floating vanities instead. This subtle design move helps create a spa-like look and feel. Especially when you add lighting underneath it. You might wonder if you have ample space to store your toiletries and the answer is yes! Floating vanities have much more space than you think but of course, try not to clutter your space regardless.  

  1. Light Colours 

Light and bright colours such as blush pinks, yellows, seafoam blues and greens and cream are going to help make your space look bigger and cleaner. They reflect light to help open up narrow corners and awkward spaces, highlighting your bathroom space in all the right ways. 

  1. Mirrors to Expand Space 

A modern small bathroom design hack would be to have mirrors. It is a hack many designers like to use, not just for bathrooms but nearly everywhere else if they wish to make the space bigger than it actually is. We are not talking about your ordinary, averagely-sized mirrors but a much larger one to bounce the light in your bathroom. If one large mirror does not suit your taste, you could even opt to have two or three!

  1. Awkward Corners

Awkward spaces can be a pain to work with, especially if they are in your bathroom but this can be a creative opportunity for you to elevate your space. To add some life and greenery, why not have an indoor plant to hide that awkward corner? If you need more storage, a corner shelf usually does the trick. 

  1. Simplicity is Key 

Sometimes for smaller spaces, all you really need is simplicity. Say no thank you to extravagant wallpapers, strong colours and dramatic decoration items. Keeping your bathroom minimal is going to already make your bathroom much more spacious. Just like a modern, small black bathroom. Play around with different shades and textures around the same colour, and find accents to help compliment the colours instead. Gold or silver accents on handles and finishing would go great with black. 

  1. Wall Mounted Everything 

From vanities to shelves to sinks, mount them on your wall to create a clean and tidy look for your bathroom. When you already have a small bathroom, the last thing you would want is for it to look cluttered and cramped. Most trendy small modern bathrooms have their elements wall mounted to save space while being aesthetic. 

  1. Match Your Floor to Your Wall

Playing on how simplicity is key, another modern bathroom design for small spaces is to match the colour of your floor to your wall. This creates an illusion where your space is somewhat never-ending, making it seem like it is much bigger than it really is. 

  1. A Touch of Luxury

We would often see bigger bathrooms at places of luxury and splendour. Who is to say we cannot have that same effect in a smaller bathroom? Adding that gold finish or a faux marble vanity top is sure to transform your space into one that leaves a lasting experience.

  1. Vertical Over Horizontal 

Having vertical shapes is going to elongate your bathroom a whole lot more. For example, ladder shelves. Elements like ladder shelves, thin and long, are going to make your space seem higher. Not to mention, they save space and add a nice touch of definition too.

  1. Free Standing Furniture 

With smaller spaces, you really do not want to have built-in furniture where it is stuck and takes a whole lot of effort to remove. Invest in free-standing furniture that you can remove and add whenever you like. What you would often see in a small modern bathroom is a trolley shelf where you can place your toiletries and supplies all in one place. You can then roll it back out when you need more space in your bathroom. Easy and efficient with no permanent commitment to your bathroom space. 

How To Make Small Bathrooms Look Bigger

Apart from placing mirrors and installing wall-mounted bathroom elements such as vanities and shelves, there are many other ways to make your bathroom look bigger than it already is. Here are two more ways that might spark your interest: 

  • Sliding Doors 

A surprising way to save space that most people miss out on is at the entrance itself. With swinging doors, you are actually taking up more space than a sliding door. Sliding doors barely take up any space to give you a more comfortable and spacious experience every time you enter. 

  • Create Zones

Using different colours to highlight the various zones in your bathroom can not only provide clarity but shows that your bathroom can accommodate so much space. The trick here is to use complimenting colours to create that dynamic and accessories that elevate the place. 

Discover More Design Ideas

At the end of the day, you should add your own personality to your modern, small bathroom design. Let your creativity flow, even in the bathroom! From a minimalistic bathroom design to a trendy small modern bathroom with bright colours, the possibilities are endless as we have shown you.

However, no design can ever beat the personal touch that gives your space that character and depth. If you are still in need of guidance on how to design your small bathrooms, you can always drop us an enquiry.

Here at VBathroom, our friendly experts are ready to consult you with any of your bathroom design needs. Small modern bathroom vanity designs? Sure! Where to start on budget and planning? Of course! Why not give us a call today and get your design journey started?