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 How to Make Your Small Bathroom Feel Big

How to Make Your Small Bathroom Feel Big

Small bathrooms can be intimidating. How do you decorate them and maximise the available space? We get it. 

Let’s start by saying that your small bathroom ideas will mean nothing to you without the right mindset. So, this is your permission to think outside the box, unleash your creativity and design the bathroom of your dreams. Don’t let a small space limit you. Instead, dream big and turn your tiny bathroom into a small oasis.

You see, a small bathroom can quickly feel cramped, making it an uncomfortable and uninviting space. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be this way! Here are our top tips to make your small bathroom look and feel bigger.

How Do You Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger?

There are various ways to make your small bathroom look bigger, and we’ve compiled a list of them to help you design the bathroom of your dreams.

1. Plan the Layout Well

The layout of your bathroom is everything. So, if you’re designing a new bathroom or renovating, ensure that you pay proper attention to this detail. Plan your bathroom in such a way as to maximise floor space, avoiding a cluttered setup at all costs. Consider innovative storage options like tall mirrored cabinets instead of short, stocky furniture in your bathroom.

2. Choose Materials Wisely

Opt for light marble, glass, mirrors and metallic finishes to instantly brighten up your tiny space. Also, ensure that the materials you choose for fixtures match the room’s overall colour scheme since nothing will make the area feel more cramped than a disjointed theme. 

3. Reflective Surfaces Are Your Friends

Add a large framed mirror to the small bathroom to open the space and make it feel bigger. Avoid dark frames as you want to achieve a seamless effect rather than drawing attention to the mirror itself.

Why Not Wall-to-Wall?

Skip the framed mirror and opt for a mirrored wall instead to enhance the space considerably. If the room is well-lit, the mirrors will reflect the light, brightening up the area and making it feel much larger than it is.

4. Wall-Hung Units Are the Way to Go

Open up some floor space with a wall-hung vanity, wall-mounted taps or a wall-mounted basin. Always remember to keep these units the same colour as your wall to achieve a well-rounded, cohesive effect. 

5. Curves Over Sharp Angles

The bathroom’s colour scheme, the tiles and the overall cohesion of the fittings and fixtures all add to the room’s visual flow. By choosing furniture with rounded edges and soft curves, you can add to the gentle visual appeal of the room, making it appear larger.

6. Glass Is Grand

Use a glass shower screen to reflect light and open up the space, combatting a cluttered feel effectively.

7. Keep Furniture Light-Coloured

Besides adding mirrors to the room, you can also make your small bathroom feel bigger by keeping your furniture light in colour. Avoid dark wooden accents as far as possible, keeping with the overall scheme of the room.

8. Match the Walls and Floor

To create the illusion of space in your small bathroom, use the same flooring for the whole room — including the shower. Also, ensure that the walls are the same colour as the floors to create space. 

9. Go for White Accents

Should you paint a small bathroom dark or light? 

Paint the ceiling white to match your bathtub and basin, and use white around the window to highlight the source of light in the room. This will make the room feel bright and airy.

10. Invest in the Lighting

Keep the lighting, well, light by choosing white lampshades instead of their colourful alternatives. The lighter the room, the better!

11. Texture Over Colour

What colour tiles make a small bathroom look bigger?

Listen, if flat walls and floors aren’t your style, why not opt for modern textured tiles instead? We recommend playing with textures to liven things up in the room. This will keep the room light and airy but exciting as well.

12. Keep it Cool

However, if you want to add some colour to the room, keep to cool, pastel tones and light, pretty fabrics. Think sky blue, soft pink and sage green!

13. Be Selective with Your Wallpaper

If you’re considering wallpaper for your bathroom, remember to keep it light and to use it sparingly, as wallpaper can easily overpower a room.

14. Use Decor Sparingly 

Artwork and rugs are examples of decorative accessories that can make a bathroom feel inviting, but these items can quickly lead to some severe clutter if left unchecked. Limit yourself to a few prized possessions rather than exhibiting a whole collection in your small bathroom to keep the space open.

15. Pick Large-Format Tiles

Do big tiles make a small bathroom look bigger? Why, yes, they do!

Tiles larger than 60cm x 60cm will make small bathrooms feel more extensive than they are. Fewer grout lines make your floor and walls look seamless and less cluttered, opening the space and adding a touch of luxury to the room.

Other Small Bathroom Ideas

Here are a few bathroom design tips to keep in mind with your small bathroom designs:

  • Gather as many bathroom decor ideas as possible, and don’t be afraid to copy the bathroom ideas you see online.
  • Modern bathrooms don’t have to be expensive. With thorough planning, you can come up with the best budget small bathroom ideas!
  • Bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better. A small bath or shower can look just as stylish as bigger ones.
  • Don’t be afraid of your narrow, small bathroom layout. Instead, make the best of the bathroom space you have! A positive mindset is everything.

Bathroom Inspiration: Who Can Help?

From tiling ideas for small bathrooms to the perfect fittings and fixtures, VBathroom has it all! Contact us today for assistance or browse our website to find the best bathroom accessories for your bathroom.