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 How to design your bathroom Hamptons style

How to design your bathroom Hamptons style

Hamptons inspired design has become one of the most popular bathroom interior styles across Australia and we can see why. It’s light, neutral and resort-like aesthetics create laid back summer vibes, making it the perfect bathroom fit-out for those near the coast or simply looking to escape in an urban environment. 

Due to strict lockdowns, the need to escape has become even more apparent now that we are unable to bask in the glorious sun on a pristine white beach with crystal clear waters. So, why not bring the holiday destination to your home, Hamptons style. 

Let’s dive into the key design elements of what a Hamptons style bathroom looks like.

Iconic marble elements

It wouldn’t be hamptons style without marble surfaces scattered throughout the space. Marble injects a sense of luxury and elegance, and depending on where it’s used, can provide modernistic elements to a classic design.

Consider adding marble basins, benchtops, wall tiles, but make sure not to overdo it. 

Marble is porous and we wouldn’t recommend using it for a bathroom but some stones like quartz and neolith can do the trick! View the neolith sintered stones you can choose from to customise your bathroom vanity.

Maintain a neutral palette

In terms of interior architecture, keep colours to a minimum to maintain a neutral palette of greys and whites.

While grey helps make the space feel warmer, the whites offer a crispy clean finish to produce a resort-like vibe that gets you excited every time you step into the bathroom. If you’re looking to add colour, consider incorporating some indoor plants or wooden soap & tumbler holders. 

Add a touch of black

Elements of black will help create a better contrast against all the whites and greys. Make sure you don’t go overboard with the black or you’ll lose the hampton vibes.

Consider cabinet handles, tapware, light fixtures or window treatments. Matt black tapware has become increasingly popular for its ability to transform a classic design with modern-contemporary vibes. 

A floating vanity vs floor standing vanity

It all depends on the type of hamptons look you’re going for. If you prefer a more modern hamptons design then we recommend going for a floating vanity. A vanity raised off the ground creates the illusion of more space, which works well in a smaller bathroom, as well as maintaining elegance in a modern setting.

A standing vanity is ideal for those who are after more storage space and prefer a traditional hamptons look.

Shaker style cabinets

Shaker style cabinetry and vintage handles is a must when it comes to paying tribute to a classic design. It is the perfect opportunity to incorporate traditional hampton design elements for a more authentic look that’s both modern-contemporary and a timeless classic. 

What about floor tiles?

Should I get large tiles or small tiles for my bathroom? This is often a battle between design and space.
Depending on the size of your bathroom, opting for small tiles may make the space feel small and cluttered. That said, small tiles on the floor can become a feature focal point of the room, particularly shapes like hexagons, fish scales or penny rounds, and can be used in a mosaic.

Large glossy tiles keep the room looking luxurious and spacious.

Freestanding bath

A Hamptons style bathroom would not be complete without a white freestanding tub, providing you have enough space to install one.

This will also help with the colour contrast against grey wall and floor tiles, as well as adding to the illusion of space in the room.

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