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 Renovating a Big Bathroom? Here’s How to Design It.

Renovating a Big Bathroom? Here’s How to Design It.

Many homeowners are tired of their small bathrooms. The main problems that they face is a cramped space, no storage space, and no comfort.

If you plan to renovate and expand your bathroom, then you must be looking for some helpful design tips and we’re here to help.

Average bathroom sizes

A bathroom below 4m2 is considered as a small bathroom. You don’t have much freedom with decorating here, and your ultimate goal is to make the space visually bigger. Also, you will use the space wisely to make sure you have enough storage.

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Medium bathrooms range from 4 to 10m2. You will have plenty of space for traffic and storage here. Also, you can relax and enjoy in a full-size bathtub instead of having a quick shower.

Big bathrooms are the ones that range from 10 to 20m2. Despite having a spacious bathroom for relaxation, you can also get to decorate it as you like. You can add a seating area, as well as a large vanity.

What are the challenges of a big bathroom?

1. Heating

Keeping your bathroom warm is very important, so you need to consider the different heating options. One of the most popular options is the heated towel rails.

Despite keeping the space at an optimal temperature, these will keep your towels dry. A touch that will also make your environment healthier, as wet towels can be a breeding ground for bacteria. And let’s not forget that the heating towel rails can look so stylish too.

Underfloor heating is another option. If you hate stepping on the cold tiles, this solution will work perfectly. There are two types of systems that you can choose from.

One consists of hot water pipes, and the other includes electrical wires.

2. Convenience

When you think about the bathroom layout, you need to put the accent on the functionality.

Make sure that the sink is easily accessible when you enter. Since you probably have plenty of space, you should add a vanity with two sinks.

Sharing a bathroom is easier and more enjoyable if both persons have their own side they can use. Consider getting a 1800mm vanity or 1500mm vanity, depending on the space you can play with so you have two sinks and more tidying space with additional drawer.

Bonus: it will look luxurious, and save you some precious time in those busy mornings.

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How to design a big bathroom

1. Choose your style

You must determine the preferred style of your bathroom first. Decide whether you want an elegant, modern, minimalist, vintage, edgy, or nature-inspired bathroom.

Make sure that the specific style complements the rest of the home.

2. Pick the right tiles

The tiles can bring the desired feeling in the bathroom. Whether you want an elegant, bold, or natural look, all you need to do is pick the right tiles.

However, there are some design rules that you should have in mind.

  • First, make sure that the tiles don’t overpower the bold and outstanding elements in your bathroom. If you have a vintage free-standing tub or a unique vanity, go neutral with the tiles. You don’t want the tiles to steal away the attention from the unique and outstanding elements that you paid a lot for.
  • Make sure that you achieve a balance between the floor tiles and wall tiles. If you have outstanding wall tiles, go basic with the floor.
    Or, you can get neutral wall tiles and introduce lovely patterns for the floor. Never combine two different patterns at the same time, as your bathroom will look cheap.
  • When the bathroom elements are simple, feel free to play with colours and patterns. This will bring a dose of visual interest in the space. But also, you can introduce textured tiles to add dimension.
Renovating a Big Bathroom? Here's How to Design It. 3

3. Tile layouts

The way in which your tiles are laid can make a huge difference. There are various tile layouts that you can choose from. Each one comes with its advantages:

  • The straight layout is often used as a blank canvas and lets other bathroom elements stand out. It is simple and minimalist, so go for this one if you want the other elements to be the focal point.
Renovating a Big Bathroom? Here's How to Design It. 4
  • Subway tiles are one of the classics that will never fade. The timeless layout goes with anything. Even if you get the cheapest tiles, this layout will make a design statement.

Diagonal tile is a layout used for making the space visually larger. It is used to make small bathrooms appear bigger than they are. You don’t need this when designing a big bathroom, so this layout is mostly avoided.

The herringbone tile is one of the layouts that are popular for adding a dose of visual interest. Even the simplest tile design will look outstanding when laid in a herringbone pattern. 

Renovating a Big Bathroom? Here's How to Design It. 7

4. Pick stylish accessories

When it comes to bathroom decor, you should make a balance between functionality and aesthetics.

Think of the toilet paper holder and towel rack as a great opportunity to bring a dose of style into space.

Make sure that all of the fixtures and hardware are cohesive.
Mixing different metal finishes will result in a cheap look.

Some like stainless steel, while others prefer black matte hardware. For a luxurious look, you can even introduce gold or brass details. No matter what your choice is, make sure that you stick to it.

5. Consider a free-standing tub

When you have plenty of space, consider installing a free-standing tub. They look so luxurious and elegant, so this is one design feature that you want to consider. Make sure that there is plenty of free space around the tub. You want to put it in the spotlight and not let the other elements steal the attention away from your tub.

Renovating a Big Bathroom? Here's How to Design It. 17
View our free standing bath range

6. In for a penny, in for a pound

If you’re already caring so much about making sure everything looks sleek and coordinated, why stopping at your toiletries? If you buy make-up, shampoos and creams from different brands, you will end up with a plethora of shapes and colours on your bathroom counters. What about standardising some of them?

Professional decorators would advise you to get stylish hand soap holders and dispensers. This is the ultimate decor trick that works perfectly for bathrooms.

Get one of those matchy sets for all of the toiletries. This will result in clutter-free feel on the countertops.

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