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 How to Create an Industrial Style Bathroom

How to Create an Industrial Style Bathroom

Industrial-style bathrooms have been around for a while, and they have proven to be consistently popular not only for their attractive style but also for their versatility.

The bathroom is such an important room in the home, and getting it right is crucial for any homeowner. With industrial design, you have an attractive, durable and exciting design that can bring the bathroom to life. This is a style that’s not going anywhere.

But how should you create your own industrial style bathroom?

There are lots of factors to consider, from the lighting and space to the tiles to the features like getting the right shower unit or a dark grey vanity. Here are some of the main areas to focus on as well as design recommendations to get the industrial style bathroom of your dreams.

Focus on Raw Materials

How to Create an Industrial Style Bathroom 1

Industrial-style bathrooms are a celebration of raw materials. This style has been inspired by industrial buildings like factories and warehouses that were primarily designed to be efficient. That meant they had lower budgets and focused on using basic materials without being overly concerned about being perfect. Your bathroom can mirror this by putting the same focus on raw materials.

Steel is important in any industrial-style bathroom, and it helps to provide balance. Concrete is another key material that would have been found in abundance in old industrial buildings.

Wood is another popular material in industrial buildings, so consider adding some timber beams or shelves. Reclaimed wood is a great choice wherever you can find a use for it, and timber in general helps to add warmth to the room.

However you use raw materials, don’t hide them away – put them on display and show them off to create a more authentic feel.

Subway Tiles

Subway tiles are a great option for your industrial-style bathroom. These used to be the cheapest option, hence why they were used in industrial buildings in the first place. Now they are more expensive, but these timeless and durable tiles look fantastic and help you to get that authentic feel you’re looking for.

These tiles are hardwearing, clean and crisp. They come in various colours, but a popular option is to use white subway tiles combined with dark grout. This adds more contrast and helps to give the room an aged feel

Alternatively, opt for grey concrete tiles, which can be especially attractive on the floor, and they look fantastic with a scratched finished. You could use them on the wall as well if you have the budget.

Exposed Plumbing

How to Create an Industrial Style Bathroom 2

One feature very common in industrial-style bathrooms is exposed plumbing. Think industrial, and you think machines, gears and pipes. In old industrial buildings, there was no need to cover the plumbing, and money was saved by leaving it exposed. Now, it’s an easy way to add a more industrial feel to your bathroom.

This can be more of a job to set up if the plumbing in the bathroom is already concealed, but it looks amazing and is well worth the effort.

Minimalist Colours

For your colour palette, try to keep it minimal when it comes to the industrial style. There is no room for pastels here, and while you need a bit of colour to prevent the bathroom from being too stark, opt for saturated colours like dark blues that go well with concrete and steel

Avoid primary colours and bold colours that can be too overpowering, and stick to dark finishes. You don’t want too many shiny surfaces. Rust orange, navy blue, blacks and whites with matte finishes are the best choice.

Lots of Light

How to Create an Industrial Style Bathroom 3

Bathrooms with lots of space and light are best when it comes to industrial design. That does not mean you cannot have a small industrial bathroom, but big open spaces with large windows tend to work best. You could also add a few Edison lightbulbs to provide the bathroom with a classic factory look.

Dark Grey Vanity

The vanity is an important feature of the room and can become a central point of focus when chosen carefully. For an industrial-style bathroom, consider a dark grey vanity to match the industrial colour theme.

It’s also a good option to hang it on the wall. Wall-hung vanities look fabulous, but they are also sleek, simple and easier to clean.

Stainless Steel Sink

How to Create an Industrial Style Bathroom 4

Another good idea for an industrial-style bathroom is to install a stainless steel sink. This has an obvious industrial appearance, though it may be too cold for some. Trough sinks are also a good choice. These are commonly found in workshops, and they look great in a home bathroom.

Concrete Countertops

There are lots of options for countertops, and concrete countertops tend to work particularly well in industrial bathrooms. These not only look perfect with their gritty and rugged appearance, but they are durable too.

Keep Accessories to a Minimum

In general, try to reduce the number of accessories in your industrial-style bathroom to keep it minimalistic. You want the focus to primarily be on the materials and space.

For any accessories you introduce, make sure they match the colour scheme – whites, blacks and greys. A few green flowers can look attractive, but don’t add too much colour. As for decorations, stick to a few practical details like wooden shelves.

Start Planning Your Industrial-Style Bathroom

Industrial-style bathrooms are popular not only because they look amazing but because they are simple, durable, practical and have a timeless appeal. From exposed plumbing to a concrete countertop and a dark grey vanity, there are lots of interesting ways to create your perfect bathroom, and these clean, simple, utilitarian spaces are a joy to use.

So start planning yours today! The above tips should give you some ideas so you can get started creating the perfect inspirational industrial-style bathroom for your home.

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