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 Bathroom Improvements and Accessories to Get So It Becomes Your Favourite Room

Bathroom Improvements and Accessories to Get So It Becomes Your Favourite Room

Bathroom used to be a practical place, designed around it main functionality: bathing. Nowadays, bathroom have become more than that, they are sometimes one’s favourite rooms, a place to bathe, the ideal place for self care, a place to relax.

Bathroom improvements bring so many benefits to homeowners. Not only can it make your bathroom become your ultimate relaxing space, but it also increases your home’s resale value.

Today, we talk about what you could consider doing, some are improvements that might need a bit of an investment, some, at everyone’s reach.

Add a bathtub

freestanding bath - subway tiles for your bathroom

If you are keen to slow down and feel like getting at alternative to quick showers, consider installing a bathtub. Chosen properly, it can really bring up a cosier to mood to your space.

Besides, this feature surely will be noticed by potential buyers when you consider selling your home. Large and luxurious tubs are favoured, so this would be an excellent chance to make your home stand out on the property market.

What type of modern and versatile bathtub to implement into the design? Freestanding tubs have enjoyed immense popularity lately.

Tip: If your bathroom is large enough, consider installing the tub in the centre. Despite making a bold statement, this will add retro vibes.

What are the other options you can work with? Consider stone tubs that add charm with their rough and unfinished look. Or, install a jet tub with LED lights installed.

Double basin so everyone has their space

A shared bathroom brings you so many challenges, so the best option is to go for a double basin.

It would be enough to suit the needs of two people and make you feel more comfortable. Each person will have their own dedicated space for their daily routine and suitable storage space.

Warm-up with heated floors

Stepping on cold tiles would probably cut your relaxing moment short after taking a hot and cosy bath. The heated floor is one of the typical bathroom improvements for comfort purposes.

Some of the benefits are discreet installation, noise-free, and no need for maintenance. You can choose between hydronic or electric heating. Hydronic uses hot water, while electrical heating relies on electrical cables to warm up the floor.

Heated towel bars

Bring a feature already provided by 5-star hotels and high-end spas to your home.

Heated towel racks will allow you to wrap yourself in a warm and cosy towel any time of the day – no more damp towels.

Towel racks don’t need to look boring either. The towel bars are available in a wide range of styles, colours, and designs, meaning that you can pick the perfect fit for your bathroom design.

Premium towels make a huge difference

Bathroom Improvements and Accessories to Get So It Becomes Your Favourite Room 1
Sheridan towels

Discarding the old towels and getting a high-quality set will make a huge difference. Add soft towels made of cotton for a gentle touch and a cosy feeling, every time you step out of the shower.

Despite making you feel more comfortable, the towels will double as tasteful decor. Fold them neatly and store in a woven basket to have fresh towels within hand’s reach anytime.

Despite the convenience, this will make your bathroom look like a high-end spa.

Decorate with a comfy bath mat

plants that fare well in bathrooms

Bathrooms tend to look cold and sterile, so it is up to you to add a final touch. Decorating with a fluffy and cosy bath mat will bring a dose of warmth.

Unlike other bathroom improvements, this is a relatively cheap update that will make a huge difference. It will protect your feet when coming in touch with the cold tiles, taking your everyday shower experience on a higher level.

Feel free to experiment with textures and patterns to add a dose of visual interest, in contrast to the monochrome tiles.

Get a wooden bath tray

tips to make your bathroom cozier - a wooden bath tray

If you think that your bathroom is missing something, consider adding an Instagram-worthy bath tray.

Perfect if you want to indulge in some me-time with bath bombs. Whether you need a place to put your device, a glass of wine, or a book, this simple addition will enhance your experience.

Bring visual interest with Moroccan style rug

If your bathroom misses character and charm, feel free to add a Moroccan style rug.

The plush texture and colourful oriental patterns make the bathroom look curated and cosy.

Hence, this has risen into a massive trend for bathroom improvements, as it adds a statement and a pop of colour. If you are worried about accidents, make sure to secure it with rug tape.

Excellent lighting

One of the essential aspects to consider for bathroom improvements is lighting. Lighting is a crucial element that sets the atmosphere and vibes, so don’t overlook it.

Consider installing waterproof downlights inside the shower for a versatile look. Add accent lights if you wish to highlight specific features or a bold focal point.

If you’re after a flawless make-up station, consider getting an LED mirror.

Add plenty of storage space

One of the things that homeowners tend to overlook during bathroom improvements is the storage. If you don’t add storage options, the bathroom will look disorganized and cluttered.

Floating shelves will be an excellent choice if you want to use those extra inches of vertical space. Besides, add a vanity large enough to accommodate your needs.

Experiment with waterproof wallpaper

If you are tired of the dull and boring walls, consider adding wallpaper as your next bathroom improvement project. There are many waterproof options available so that you can find the thing that works.

They are easy to install so that you can complete this DIY project within one weekend. Whether you prefer retro patterns, bold floral prints, or subtle and minimalist designs, be sure that they will make a luxurious statement on their own or in combination with tiles.

Do not push your luck however, these type of waterproof wallpapers aren’t suitable for inside a shower and only fare well if your bathroom is well ventilated and free of humidity.

VBathroom can help with most of the items listed below. Come have a chat with us at our showrooms in Perth or browse our range online.