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 Exclusive New Britney Bathroom Vanity Series

Exclusive New Britney Bathroom Vanity Series

Bathroom vanity is a tool and area in your bathroom that can and will add a significant degree of luxury to your home. The bathroom does not have to be a room to do chores in. Maintaining personal hygiene with showers, washing your hands and brushing your teeth doesn’t have to be an arduous task, it should be a moment of relaxation! Upgrading your bathroom vanity will definitely help with this!

The New Britney Series Collection is Here!

Now is the perfect time to upgrade your bathroom!  The new Britney bathroom vanity series is here! The Britney series is hot off the press and you want to be sure you don’t miss it.  Our collection of Britney vanities are some of the most contemporary bathroom vanity units in Perth.  Visit our Bentley and Malaga stores to get yours today.  Why wait to upgrade your bathroom? The new stock is here!

What are the Different Types of Vanities on the Market?

There are many, many different brands, series, collections, sizes and styles of vanity on the market. Here are some of the most popular vanity designs: 

Pedestal Vanity Units

This style of vanity unit is more of your traditionally styled unit. It doesn’t have under counter or countertop storage and it works the best in smaller bathrooms. 

Freestanding Vanity Units

Otherwise known as floor standing units, this style of vanity, as the name suggests is connected to the floor. They are similar to pedestal sink vanity but have additional storage underneath. Freestanding units also hide the plumbing in your bathroom with the additional storage space.

Floating Vanity Units

Floating bathroom vanity units, wall hung vanity, or wall mounted vanity, are all the same. This unit is installed against the bathroom wall and it provides some under-sink storage, with the free space created from the “floating” effect. This style of vanity is the most modern, Hampton style bathroom vanity in Australia. You must be careful to not put too much pressure on the edges of the sink with a floating vanity unit, because, as you’d imagine, it is not as structurally strong as one with supports.

Vessel Sink Vanity Units

This style of vanity is remarkably simplistic and very popular in the hospitality industry. It features a bowl not built into the vanity. It is a freestanding sink on top of the counter. It takes up more space, but looks fantastic.

Under-Mounted Sink Vanity Units

This design is similar to vessel sink vanity, however, instead of a bowl being installed atop the counter, it is built into it. Very simple and clean, this style looks great.  The only problem with this is it compromises some of the storage in your vanity unit.

Cabinet Style Units

As the name suggests, this style is essentially a cabinet with a sink on it. It typically has drawers and doors, giving you a lot of storage. If you have a large, vintage style of bathroom, this is a great option. If you have a family that needs a lot of storage, this is definitely an option you should consider. 

Double Sink Vanity Units

These come in a range of styles. You can probably find them in every one mentioned above. The thing that separates these is they have two sinks, otherwise known as “him and hers vanity”. This vanity is great for couples.

What are Different Materials Used for in Vanity?

Vanity units come in many different materials, and each of them mean something. Materials for vanity units, and throughout the bathroom, convey a style choice and message. Here is what some of them mean: 


Probably the most expensive of all the materials, marble conveys the message of wealth and luxury. The surface is hard, sleek and can handle any conditions.

Clean Plywood

Topped with some sort of varnish, this style is very contemporary and modern. This style rewards simplicity and hates to see clutter. Other materials in the bathroom should follow simple, sleek natural colours like white, grey, brown and beige. 

Repaired Wood

Imagine you have found an old unit on a farmhouse or cottage and decided to repair it. This material speaks volumes of character and is great in a retro or rustic home. 


Just because it is a budget option, does not mean it is a bad one. Laminate comes in many colours and customisation options. This style can be found in traditional bathrooms and family homes. The downside is it tends to scratch a little easier.

What is the Britney Series?

The Britney series comes in either (millimetre) 1800 bathroom vanity, 1500 bathroom vanity and 1200 bathroom vanity. Britney is typically a floating vanity, wooden vanity style with a vessel sink, either single or double. What does this mean? Well, it means that the Britney series and our collection is perfectly suited for sophisticated, luxury bathrooms that love natural colours and focus on simplicity.  The Britney series also has a series of mirrors with inbuilt cabinets and shelves. Simply take a look at the Britney series on our website, the evidence for this claim is all there.  You will not be disappointed! 

Who Has the Best Bathroom Vanity in Perth?

For all Perth bathroom vanities, VBathroom will provide you with the best solutions.  We offer delivery across the entire Perth Metro area and offer package deals for when you buy more than one bathroom product, offering you cost-effective value for money bathroom solutions. VBathroom has inhouse discovery sessions that will give you expert advice on bathroom style and design. We will then put you in touch with the best professionals in Perth to make installation easy. Contact us today or visit our Bentley and Malaga stores today!