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SMC Shower Base 120x90cm Rear Outlet


-Made from strong, lightweight SMC material
-Self-supported base no need for mortar
-Low 31mm profile
-9mm tile flange
-Easy Installation
-Waste includes white dome cover
-4 Tile flanges

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SMC Shower Base 120x90cm Rear Outlet

The 900x1200mm shower base by Alpine is designed to make your shower installation effortless and hassle-free.

This innovative shower base is made out of SMC – a high-compression moulded thermoset resin. This makes it lightweight and very durable. Moreover, at only 31mm thick, this shower base features a stylish low-profile design. This will enhance the overall look of your shower.

The shower base features a 9mm three-sided tile flange and is entirely self-supported. It also includes a waste covering the rear outlet in the form of a dome cover.

This innovative shower base is ideal for mid and small-sized bathrooms and has been built to last. In order to demonstrate this, Alpine offers a 5-year warranty on this product.