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How Long Does A Kitchen Renovation Take?

Are you thinking about getting a kitchen renovation? Maybe you’re fed up with your current kitchen and you’re constantly; running out of storage space, the functionality is abrasive at best, and frankly you’re not proud of your kitchen when hosting friends. 

If this is you, you’re probably wondering how long does it take to get a kitchen redone? 

Is renovating your kitchen worth the inconvenience? Well that’s where we come in. In this article, we will answer questions like how long do most kitchen remodels take, as well as the things you need to be aware of when renovating.  

On average, how long does a kitchen renovation take? 

This really should be split into two questions of; how long does it take to renovate smaller kitchens, and how long does it take to renovate larger kitchens? This is because there are factors that affect how long the renovation will take, the main one being the size of the space. 

However, on average a good kitchen renovation company will take about six weeks, and it takes VBathroom only 3 weeks. During this period, it is important to remember that not all of this time is taken up in your home, and the majority of it is spent at a kitchen renovation warehouse fabricating your kitchen. 

Why do kitchen renovations take so long?

Usually, kitchen renovations take a while because it takes about four weeks to fabricate your materials, then two weeks of demolition and installation. With VBathroom, we keep a completely stocked warehouse with a massive range, so this time is shaved down significantly. 

However, there are a few factors you should be aware of that will make your renovation shorter or longer:

The size of your kitchen 

It might seem obvious that larger kitchen renovations take longer, but people often underestimate just how much of an impact size has. When you compound all things involved in a kitchen renovation, like benchtops, cabinets, flooring, plumbing, and electrical, it is easy to understand how a larger kitchen takes an exponentially longer amount of time. 

Kitchen benchtops 

The design and material of your benchtop will significantly affect how long your kitchen renovation will take. A laminate kitchen benchtop can be installed quickly because they are easier to work with, so you don’t have to be as precise. Meanwhile, a marble benchtop with an inset sink will take longer to install because the cabinets have to be installed first, and the measurements have to be much more precise. 

Your splashback 

The material of splashback you choose will also have an effect over how long your renovation takes. A custom stone or glass splashback will take much longer than your regular tiled option because your renovation company has to fabricate it off site, and it can’t be quickly installed at your home. 


This may also seem like an obvious delay to your kitchen renovation, but the more customised your renovation is, the longer it will take. If you order a standard laminate flat-pack kitchen, no doubt it will be a quicker renovation than a completely customised marble space. For a timely custom kitchen installation, you need a company that will understand your needs.

When you order you appliances 

Some appliances, especially if they have to come from overseas, can take a very long time to be shipped to you. Make sure you order your appliances early in the renovation process so they can arrive by the time or before the renovation is finished. 

A guide to most kitchen renovation processes 

  1. Design your kitchen

The first step is to meet with a kitchen renovation professional. During this stage, you will get your kitchen designed, measured and quoted so you have a rough idea for what your renovation will entail.

  1. Renovation preparation & schedule 

After you have reviewed your designs and you are happy with the quote you have been given, your renovation company will send you your plans and schedule. During this time, your renovation company will also start fabricating your new cabinets and replacement kitchen benchtop. 

  1. Renovation works & project management 

At this stage is when your renovation will actually take place in your home. Usually a professional renovation company will give you a designated project manager to oversee the kitchen reno, which makes sure everything runs smoothly. 

  1. Final inspection and handover 

Once the renovation is finished, your renovation company will hold a final inspection and handover of your new kitchen so that you can make sure you are happy with it.

How much does it cost to renovate a kitchen? 

New kitchen cost depends on several factors, just like the length of your renovation depends on several factors. In general you should spend about 3%-8% of your home’s total value. If you want an accurate estimate of your kitchen renovation cost, you should see a professional. 

Do you need approval for a kitchen renovation in Western Australia?

Cabinet installation and joinery is exempt from needing approval in Western Australia. However, if you are modifying any plumbing, gas, or electrical work, or if your renovation exceeds $20,000, you will need a registered builder to carry out the works and you will need approval. Because of this, it is always best to renovate your kitchen with kitchen renovation specialists, since they will be able to sort all approval for you without any stress.  

Which renovation company should you use? 

When selecting a kitchen renovation company, it’s important to choose someone who can understand your needs and turn your vision into reality. With VBathroom, you can create a custom kitchen that suits your lifestyle and preferences.

Through increasing your kitchen’s storage space, functionality, and design, you can enjoy using your space again and impress your guests while hosting. VBathroom’s efficient turnaround time of just 3 weeks ensures minimal disruption to your home, and you won’t have to wait long for your dream kitchen.

Visit our kitchen showrooms to get hands-on with our products and visualise how your kitchen will look before construction. Contact us today to start your renovation journey with VBathroom.