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 Bathroom Furniture & Features Glossary

Bathroom Furniture & Features Glossary

Bathroom renovations can be an overwhelming experience, especially if you’re unfamiliar with all the terminology.

From bathroom vanities and above counter basins, to wall-mounted toilets, mixer taps, and the hundreds of different types of bathroom features and fixtures, V Bathroom is here to help guide you through your renovation with a glossary.

Here are some common terms you will come across during your bathroom remodelling.

Above Counter Basin or Vessel
ceramic basin
An above counter basin sits above the benchtop.
Antique Vanity A bathroom vanity made from modern materials but features antique styling, hardware and finishings from the Victorian or Colonial era.
Basin Overflow A drainage point placed on top of the basin to prevent overflow.
Benchtop Often referred to as a countertop, is the top part of a bathroom vanity that surrounds the basin and is usually made from stone, marble, wood or granite.
1-Tap Hole Basin A basin allowing for a single tap fixture suitable for mixers.
3- Tap Hole Basin A basin allowing placement of multiple (3) fixtures and tapware.



A metal alloy made of copper and zinc that is commonly used for tapware, door handles and bathroom accessories to create a vintage look.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is VWL-900VK-mirror-cabinet.jpg
The bathroom cabinet facilitates storage areas for a bathroom vanity which includes shelves, drawers, floating/ interior shelving or a freestanding unit used to house common bathroom items such as hygiene products, medicine and cosmetics.
Ceramic Disc The ceramic disc allows you to effectively control the flow of water and its temperature each time you turn on the tap. Ceramic discs are far more durable than rubber washers and provide a watertight seal that eliminates pesky leaks and drips, helping you save on water.
Contemporary VanityVbathroom mirror cabinet and vanity in charcoal oak A style of bathroom vanity that features a modern take on traditional styling.
Diverter A diverter is used to help direct the flow of water either from a bathtub spout or showerhead.
Double Vanity
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is VB001-1500K-D-2.png

A double vanity includes 2 basins.
Exposed Rail Shower
shower rail - shower head
Imagine being able to adjust your shower head at various heights. An exposed rail shower allows users to move the handheld shower head up and down for a better shower experience. With a diverter, users can switch between overhead drencher and hand held.
Freestanding Bath
freestanding bath
A stand alone bath that sits directly on the bathroom floor with no adjacent support structure.
shower grate
A grate a drainage point on the floor in the shower.
Hand Shower
shower rail - shower head
Hand showers offer a flexible shower head hose that can be used as an overhead drencher or enjoy the freedom using hand held mode and spraying where needed.
Hi-Rise Shower A shower rose that is attached to an arm allowing users to adjust its height, angle and spray coverage to create a full-body shower experience.
Inset Basin
Inset basin
A basin installed onto a vanity benchtop with the outside rim just above the benchline.
Inset Bath
attached bathtub
An inset bath or built-in bath are installed flush against a wall with the flanges inset into an adjoining wall. Suitable for smaller bathrooms or those who lack space.
Island Bath Sits on a tiled island without any of the flange sides adjoining to a wall.
Mixer Tap
tap mixer
A mixer tap combines both water flow and temperature into one handle.
Modern Vanity
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Casilda-1600-7.jpg

A bathroom vanity that combines futuristic design and contemporary style to push the boundaries of bathroom design.
One Piece Toilet A toilet made from a single piece of porcelain or other materials.
Overhead Shower
showerhead - overhead
A showerhead that is mounted to an arm that provides users with a vertical rain-like showering experience.
P Trap A section of the toilet where waste exits through the wall behind the toilet suite.
Pedestal Vanity A narrow and vertically shaped vanity that does not include a cabinet and is usually constructed from one piece of porcelain. Suitable for powder rooms or toilets.
Pop-Up Drain A drain for bathroom basins with an adjustable cap that can be lifted to allow water through or lowered to seal the drain and fill the basin.
S-Trap A section of the toilet where waste exits through the floor beneath the toilet suite.
Shower Rose A showerhead that is attached to a shower arm. This device cannot be attached directly onto a wall.

Tiled Flange Bath
A raised bath with a tiled base found on one or more sides. A tile flange is necessary when installing a shower for waterproofing to prevent moisture from entering the wall cavity.
Two-Piece Toilet A standard two piece toilet consists of a separate cistern and pan.
Under Counter Basin
undermount basin
A basin installed on the underside of the benchtop and sits flush.

Walk-in Shower
Unlike traditional shower enclosures, a walk-in shower is completely free of doors and provides a luxurious and spacious showering experience.
Wall Basin A basin installed to a wall without the need for a bathroom vanity.
Wall Hung Toilet A toilet which is hung from the wall with its cistern installed hidden in the wall cavity and all of the plumbing located in the wall cavity.
Wall Mounted Toilet
wall mounter toilet
A toilet mounted to the wall with a concealed cistern and some or all of the plumbing connected through the floor. Provides a contemporary and modern design.

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